Congratz to everyone for their Exam results!

Update (29/01/09): For those of you who are looking for the Nov 2008 results, I heard that there is no more ‘soft copy’ this time. Instead, everything will be on paper which you can get from school on Saturday. However, some people can get their results through SMS if you subscribe to this special DST service or something…if I’m not mistaken. 🙂


Update (21/08/08): Here’s the A/O level results for June 2008. Click below to download.

Download Results
(courtesy of Ranoadidas)

Good luck 🙂

Update (17/08/08): I notice that a lot of people searching for the ‘June 2008’ results of O/A levels stumbled upon this page. This is for the Nov 2007 results Sorry 🙂

***Original post from Jan 2008***

Both O & A level results were released today here in Brunei. The past few hours have been pretty thrilling. Well yeah sure, all I did was sit on my ass in front of the computer discussing with my friends through MSN and keep on pressing that ‘Refresh‘ button on Rano’s CBox under the name ‘nb‘. But isn’t that THRILLING?! LOL Anyway, here’s the link to the O Level and A level results for Bruneian Students:

O level Results here &    A level Result here – courtesy of


Both results here – courtesy of CPS.Brunei

Anyway, congratz to everyone for their O & A lvl results….good or bad doesn’t matter at least we all tried our best 🙂


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