I’ve done some amateur video/music editing as a hobby. I use the FLIP Camera and Windows Movie Maker GoPro camera and iMovie to do my movies.

You can find me on Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion

Scenery Videos

Langkawi – Sky and Water

…and a bit of Fire.

Compilation of my island hopping trip in Langkawi, Malaysia (December 2014)


Shot with GoPro Hero3+

Music: Coldplay – Always in My Head (Instrumental)

Edited: iMovie 10

‘Epic’ View From My Car

Your daily commute in Brunei roads doesn’t have to look, sound and feel mundane.

Shot with GoPro Hero3+ 

Music: View from Voyager – John Samuel Hanson

Edited: iMovie 10

Inspired by the third trailer of ‘Interstellar’

London Flashback

I was inspired by the nice music video of ‘Home’ by Foxes, directed by Flora Hanitijo. It somehow perfectly captured that mood/feeling of my last few months in London back in 2012 – with its blurry dream-like footage of London, cool beats, lullaby-ish music, lyrics that talks about someone you used to be closed with but suddenly not anymore (at least that’s what I think it meant).

Some of the stuff from that music video such as the few shots from the train and london taxis/buses on the road are similar to what I have. So the idea of editing this video was born. I used the instrumental version of the song and picked some clips I have of streets and roads…do some croppings and zoomings and speeding ups.

Shot with Flip UltraHD Camera

Music: Home (Instrumental) – Foxes

Edited: iMovie 10 

London: City of Westminster (2011/2012)

Compiled the random few footage I have of London from 2011/2012 and try to edit what I have into a nice video.

Shot with Flip UltraHD Camera

Music: Skyfall (Instrumental) – Adele

Edited: Windows Live Movie Maker

Trip Around University of Kent Campus

On June 2011, I decided to walk around the almost empty campus not long after I learned that I was going to be graduating in a month. It was a trip down memory lane for me when I visited and filming short clips (with my Flip Camera) of places that I have fond personal memories of. I thought that it would be much more meaningful if I wait for about a year to edit those clips together in a single video. Well, a year has passed and this is that video

Note: I’m aware that the Library Cafe area has changed

Shot with Flip UltraHD Camera

Music: Passacaglia – Bear McCreary

Edited: Windows Live Movie Maker 

From University of Kent to Canterbury

I recorded the entire 14 minutes bus ride from the University campus to the town of Canterbury. I just speed things up to 5 minutes and add a soundtrack.

This is for all of you who are either sick & tired or really misses the bus ride to town that you’re most likely to have been on if you study in UKC

Note: Near accident at 4:33

Shot with Flip UltraHD Camera

Music: Mombasa – Hans Zimmer

Edited: Windows Live Movie Maker


Soundtrack Music Edit/Mix

Batman Dark Knight Ultimate Theme Mix – 26/6/2012

My attempt at creating an ultimate theme for both ‘BATMAN BEGINS’ and ‘DARK KNIGHT’. It is also a tribute to the wonderful musical score by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard AND preparation for ‘THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Tracks used:

Vespertilio, I’m Not a Hero, Macrotus, A Dark Knight, Aggressive Expansion, A Watchful Guardian; Molossus; Like a Dog Chasing Cars, Batman Begins End Credit, The Dark Knight End Credit, Corynorhinus – By Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard.

Edited: Windows Movie Maker 6

Battlestar Galactica – Journey to Earth – 17/1/2010

Made this tribute slideshow video after recently watching the whole of Battlestar Galactica from the miniseries to the beautiful finale. It focuses on the search for Earth and the destinies of Starbuck, Baltar and Roslin.

Music by Bear McCreary – Passacaglia, The Shape of Things to Come, Allegro, Violence and Variations, An Easterly View

Edited: Windows Movie Maker 6

LOST Character Themes Trilogy – 14/1/2009; 21/5/2009; 8/6/2010

The musical theme/motif for the characters from the TV show ‘LOST’.

Part I: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Charlie, Desmond, Ben & Locke

Part II: Sun & Jin, Claire, Michael, the Freighter folk, Juliet and the Oceanic 6

Part III: The musical theme for the characters from the TV show ‘LOST’. Rose & Bernard, Eko, Miles, Eloise Hawking, Suliet, Richard Alpert, The Man in Black, Jacob and the survivors of Oceanic 815.

Music by Michael Giacchino

Edited: Windows Movie Maker 6



Brunei Darussalam – From Constitution to National Day

In between watching the teaser for Chris Nolan’s Interstellar and participating in the Brunei National Day celebration, I had an idea for this little video in my head where we would go on a quick journey from the old days to the present time where we celebrate our national day every year.

So I grabbed whatever clips/footage/videos that I can quickly find online and edited this short video. If only I could access the treasure trove of historical footage in the archives of RTB.

Inspiration/based on the brilliant Interstellar teaser trailer

Music: Interstellar Teaser Trailer – Hans Zimmer(?)

Edited: iMovie 10

MAYAT BERJALAN – Brunei Walking Dead Style Opening

Had this thought about what an opening for a Walking Dead style series set in Brunei would look like. So I quickly made this, admittedly, really rough version of a Bruneian Walking Dead style opening. I may or may not do a better version in the future….or perhaps someone else out there would make one.

The aim was to present an idea of a zombie apocalypse happening in Brunei without showing any zombies. So I rounded up real images that can imply such event:
– the recent massive tyre burning at Bukit Udal
– car caught on fire at Menglait
– RIPAS ambulance
– UBD paramedics in training
– News headline on H1N1 pandemic
– Boy wearing a mask in the mosque during SARS outbreak
– The huge crowd trying to get into the stadium during the Brunei vs Indonesia football tournament final
– Lastly (my favourite image courtesy of Ranoadidas), two police guarding the stadium gates with a lot of people still outside.

– The Bruneian Flag at my front yard – shot with a FLIP Camera
– A clearing filled with litter near a dump site. Shot with a phone camera
– Me walking with a hammer and ‘attacked’ by a ‘zombie’. Shot with a phone camera

The last two footage were unplanned. I was clearing the area with my dad and I was randomly thinking ‘hmmm, what if I try to shoot something for a zombie show intro here and see if I can get some cool stuff’. Hence the use of a camera phone.

Music: Walking Dead opening title – Bear McCreary

Edited: Windows Live Movie Maker

LOST Season 6 Fan Trailer – 21/1/2010

With the final season about to premiere, I decided to join in the ‘trailer making’ bandwagon.

Inspired by the ‘Avatar’ trailer and the countless Lost season 6 fan trailers on Youtube. LOST Final Season – Feb 2nd 2010

Edited: Windows Movie Maker 6


Movie Scene Edit

My Edit of the chase sequence in ‘The Dark Knight’ – Additional Music – 17/2/2009

Dark Knight chase scene with music added. ‘Like a dog chasing cars’ is my favourite music score from the soundtrack but sadly it didn’t appear in the movie. So I just edited it into the car chase scene (which originally featured no music) and it actually makes the scene more epic.

Music – Like A Dog Chasing Cars by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard

Edited: Windows Movie Maker 6


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