MyTracks Vol II – Blue Purple Spectrum – MMXIV




Just realised that I haven’t post this over here (it was on my tumblr). A bit overdue but here is my supposedly annual playlist/mixtape thing.

01 – Always in My Head – Coldplay
02 – Coming of Age – Foster the People
03 – Chartreuse – Capital Cities
04 – It’s Alright Now – Bombay Bicycle Club
05 – Best Friend – Foster the People
06 – Luna – Bombay Bicycle Club
07 – Love in High Places – Kimbra
08 – Boom Clap – Charli XCX
09 – 90s Music – Kimbra
10 – What I Like – Charli XCX 
11 – Selfies – Nina Nesbitt
12 – Glorious – Foxes
13 – True Love – Coldplay 
14 – Midnight – Coldplay

The title ‘Blue Purple Spectrum’ refers to the colour of the Album covers: Coldplay’s Ghost Stories, Foster the People’s Supermodel, Bombay Bicycle Club’s So Long, See You Tomorrow, Kimbra’s Golden Echo, Charli XCX’s Sucker and Foxes’ Glorious.

The previous playlist (2013) can be found here:


Parasailing in Langkawi

Taken in Langkawi, Malaysia (30/12/2014)
Shot with GoPro Hero3+ (chest mount harness)

Music: No Time for Caution – Hans Zimmer
[Arranged by Yourfavoratemusic –

Went parasailing only to realize later that I pressed the GoPro button twice and took a pic instead of a video *FAIL* 😑😑. So I gave the camera harness to my friend and made sure it recorded a video this time.

Testing my GoPro Camera

Recently bought a GoPro Hero3+ camera.

Tested it out and made these two videos:

Morning Drive – Tutong Highway

The Sight and Sound of my usual morning drive to work. I commute from Tutong to Bandar everyday.

The music was played from my car but I increased the sound through iMovie (treble boost)

Music: Sweet Disposition – Temper Trap.

Beach in the Morning

St Regis Hotel, Bali, Indonesia. Yes, it’s the music from ‘LOST’

Music: Credit Where Credit is Due – Michael Giacchino

See my other videos here. 

My thoughts and ramblings on ‘Yasmine’…and other stuff

Just saw the movie ‘YASMINE’. In short, I enjoyed it. For a first feature length movie from a Bruneian director, I thought it was generally good and it kept me engaged throughout.

Now for some random thoughts:



So how’s the Plot

It’s a typical story of the hero wanting to do something that her father disapproves but all is well in the end as she learns about true friendships and reconcile with her father. And there is a love triangle subplot too. Is it groundbreaking? No. Is it bad? No. It’s like any other story. It is what it is. So I’m not complaining about the plot.

What about the Language? They sound weird in the trailer

This one took a bit while to get used to. It sounds like a patchwork of Bruneian, Malaysian and Indonesian accent. It is not that surprising considering the inter-regional cast and crew of the film. It bothered me in the beginning but you quickly forget about it because you get engrossed in the story.

Heck, there are scenes where the indonesian actors just couldn’t be bothered trying to sound Bruneian but I just rolled with it….it’s better than butchering a Bruneian accent right? One of my favourite scene in the movie was when the dad meets the master in the wheelchair. At that point, I thought “Screw the accent and dialects! These guys acted out a good scene. Doesn’t matter”

But the movie is still recognizably set in Brunei, right?

What I really really love about this movie was seeing the local landmarks on a big screen. Yes, Masjid SOAS looks cool on the big screen and so does Kampung Ayer.

Best of all, seeing a typical Kadai Runcit on the big screen (with a strategically placed shot of Indomie Mee Goreng packs as well!!) Kadai Runcit should be seen more on the big screen….heck, you know what?! they should make a whole movie set in a Kadai Runcit. Good guys trapped in a Kadai Runcit fending off bad guys Assault on Precinct 13 style! Someone make that happen!

Then there are those little Brunei stuff that they try to shoehorn into the script like Nasi Katok and Ambuyat. No comment.

And there are the ‘less realistic’ part of Brunei showing up in the movie but hey, who cares….It’s a movie. It’s a form of escapism. What you see is a Brunei that exists in a movie world…

…a Brunei where Shahbandar College exists (those Origins Films people or whoever else involved in the production better start selling Shahbandar College t-shirts)

…a Brunei where RTB actually mob someone at the airport for an interview (RTB don’t do that kind of thing hahaha)

…a Brunei where there are 10 Silat Masters scattered throughout the country. Well, 11 if count the wheelchair master….ok 12 if you count the dad….no wait, 13 if you add M. Nasir.

M. Nasir?!!

At one point in the movie, M. Nasir briefly showed up as a Sith Lord luring Yasmine to the Dark Side (I like to believe he was a Sith Lord).

There were also other cameos as well (HEY! It’s Uco from RAID 2!) but the best one was the familiar local RTB actor playing a teacher scolding Yasmine for not wearing tudong in school. So happy that he’s involved in this somehow.

Yasmine still-thumb-630xauto-48439

I don’t care about the story. Was there a lot of ass kicking?!

The fight scenes were definitely well done and exciting. For those of you who may have found the dramatic scenes boring or cringe-worthy for your taste then I’m sure the fight scenes made up for it. Kudos to the director, choreographer and the editor.

And Yasmine did beat up a bunch of douchebags at Kampong Ayer. Disappointingly, she didn’t kick any of them onto a pile of durians.

(Note: If you have someone kick another person onto a pile of durians in the sequel then you will definitely have my money!)

So What’s Next?!

The film has been generally well-received in Brunei and Indonesia and there have been talks about a sequel. The director even mentioned about having ideas for a 2nd AND 3rd movie.

I don’t know what she has in mind but as long as it’s not something stupid like Yasmine getting recruited into a special force team fighting terrorists or her dad gets killed and she seeks vengeance.

Just imagine the trailer for that *Trailer voice* They Killed Her Father. They killed her best friend. This Summer. Yasmine is back. This time, it’s personal! Yasmine 2!

But on a serious note, I could see Yasmine joining a regional Martial Arts competition for the sequel facing different opponents with different styles of fighting. She could be part of a larger contingent and has to work together with that rival of hers from the international school. Enemies turned friends. Throw in other actors from the region and there ya go!


So What’s Next?!

I already told you, they could do a sequel…

No. I mean, what’s next for Brunei?! There is a lot of hype, not just about the movie itself, but this whole idea that it could jumpstart an actual local film industry

It would be damn great, wouldn’t it?! But it is definitely easier said than done. Here’s a quote from Brunei Times: “Indeed, there is a lot of room for this industry to grow. It needs more producers, directors, actors, screenwriters, artistes, technicians, animators and musicians.” Do we have those people? Oh we have plenty of them. A locally produced feature length film could be done. Actually, it has been done!


Before Yasmine came out, there was a local movie that was released in cinemas called ‘Apa Ada Dengan Rina‘. Unlike Yasmine, it was made up of mostly local cast and crew. It did get favourable reviews from the locals and in the regional film festivals.

I remember how one person wrote to Brunei Times last year in April complaining about how ‘un-Bruneian’ Yasmine was due to the cast and crew. I couldn’t find the link to the article because somehow Brunei Times lost all the ‘Letters to Editorials’ between September 2013 and 2012 BUT thanks to web archive, you can read here:

Or you can read it below

Need to recognise local talent

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dear Editor,

IT UPSETS me to see how a Bruneian movie is about to feature only one or two Bruneian casts. I understand that it is going to be shot entirely in Brunei, but what is so Bruneian about a movie full of casts from Malaysia and Indonesia?

The funny thing is, there are a whole lot of talented Bruneians and they will not event try to audition anyone. What is the production company saying? Are we not good enough? Are these foreigners better than us?

I respect the fact that they want to make a movie in Brunei but what is Bruneian about this movie? I support all locally-made products be it food, drinks, dramas, songs, whatever. As long as it is Bruneian, I have to vouch for it. But in this case, it is a shame.

One production company had released a full-length movie and the cast and crew members were all Bruneians and it was well received, with rave reviews and comments.

This other movie that is about to be filmed needs to feature more Bruneian actors and actresses because this could be their chance to make it big in this industry.

Until the day the locals have faith in the locals, that is the day when Brunei will have successful individuals.

But until that day comes, Bruneian artistes will have to shadow these foreign celebrities to get a small piece of the cake.


I remember this article because I actually left a comment on it:

As much as I ideally want a good pure 100% Bruneian film production, I’m not too offended that ‘Yasmine’ (I assume that this is what the writer is referring to) has a sizable foreign cast and crew especially since our local film industry is still in its infancy. I personally look at it this way – if this project can help us get exposed and recognition in an international stage then a having a largely foreign cast/crew is a price worth paying. It will make film industries in neighbouring countries take notice and see Brunei’s potential as a place to do film business. Then hopefully, we will have more local film productions once we gain that confidence and experience from working with foreign productions.

It is also interesting to see the different ways these ‘Brunei films’ are made: Apa Ada Dengan Rina is mostly local based while Yasmine takes a more international approach. I believe there is one more local film in production that is based on a web series. I’m not aware if there are others but it would be cool if there are. To me, they’re all for the common goal of jump starting our film industry and we should support them all.

If the writer is still upset by the foreign cast in the movie, at least think about it this way: The foreign cast will be directed by a local woman director. That counts for something 🙂

Note: The local webseries I was referring to was ‘Break’ by Adam Grove.

I still stand by what I wrote. They’re all for the common goal of jump starting our film industry and we should support them all. You know what I hope? I hope that guy who wrote that back in April (who went by the name ‘Lo-Cal’) I hope he’s an aspiring local director that sees Yasmine and goes ‘That was good but I can do it better…with local cast and better script’ If that’s the case, then more power to him.

That was exactly how James Cameron got motivated to make movies. He saw Star Wars and said ‘That was cool but I can do better’ and he went on to push (and continue to push till now) technological boundaries to bring awesome cinematic experiences for the audience.

I’ve also been hearing rumblings about local animators

Yes and I’ve written about this early last year when I was talking about local Bruneian legend.

“..I hope one day we can produce ‘Perang Kastila’ or ‘Kastila War’ (war between Brunei and Spain in the Philippines) for television viewers and animation will make such an epic production possible,” said someone from RTB

And like I’ve mentioned in my post last year, there were many more local legends that we can make a movie or an animation on. And others feel the same way as well.  A University professor have said that we should use our culture as an ‘asset’Our Minister have said that our unique culture can be seen as niche in the creative industry; A visiting former BBC executive have put forward the idea of our culture and history as a selling point.

Yeah but….I don’t like period piece. I want modern stuff.

True, it doesn’t have to be restricted to local legends. As long as it feels ‘Bruneian’.

My feature film is a movie about Bruneians. It will show the interactions and communication among Bruneians. The reality of Bruneian society,” said local filmmaker Adam Grove few years ago.

That’s what I hope to see someday. Something similar to that.

Let me rewind the clock a bit. I dug up this one right after watching Yasmine and was thinking about this whole local film industry thing

Three Years ago. 2011.

I was the wide eyed recent graduate optimist who had more free time posting stuff on the internet (some say I still do)

I wrote in this blog about how THE Brunei Film – the ONE that would jumpstart a local film industry – should be an anthology of three short interconnecting stories each based on the theme of Melayu, Islam and Beraja. You can read my ramblings about it here if you want:

But there was a point I made in the end that I still believe in:

But the main point that I want to put across is that the story(ies) that we should make must touch on a topic that is both contemporary and relevant to Bruneians. If we want to start some sort of Brunei film industry then we must simply start with a bang:

  • It may not have to be high standard but definitely don’t aim for a low one
  • Must appeal to Bruneians from various age groups
  • Most importantly, a movie that actually MATTERS. We can’t make a mark with our film industry by producing superficial films. It must at least have some depth/thought to it.
  • It must be Bruneian. So that means it’s about Bruneians, deals with Brunei and is intended for Bruneians. And other people that would watch this movie would know it as a ‘Bruneian movie’.

A scene from Yasmine, about a girl who wants to be a silat champion

BUT personally, I think the beauty of this movie was that it was the story/characters first, a showcase of Brunei second. That’s the key to its crossover appeal. It wasn’t trying to be THE ‘Bruneian’ movie but just a movie that tries to tell an engaging story. That’s it.

I’m not saying Yasmine should be a 100% ‘Bruneian’ movie. I’m saying that Yasmine could be a springboard towards an eventual production of a high standard pure ‘Bruneian’ movie. See the film as if it’s a test reel for Brunei…a movie with enough Bruneian elements that acts as a proof of concept to show that a quality and well-produced movie could be set in Brunei and be about Brunei and Bruneians.

And that is a hope that Yasmine (and Apa Ada dengan Rina) is helping to realize.



Brunei shoots for the stars with trailblazing first commercial film

Sutradara Ingin Film `Yasmine` Berlanjut Jadi Sekuel

Brunei’s film industry has just begun’s-film-industry-has-just-begun

What’s so special about Brunei films?

Need to recognise local talent

Make way for Brunei’s independent film director

Thoughts on Local Brunei Legends

Bruneians called on to explore 3-D animation

Identify cultural assets to develop creative industries

MIB a catalyst for creative industries

Brunei can carve own creative niche

Creating The ‘Brunei’ Film – A Trilogy Based on ‘Melayu Islam Beraja’


Melihat Brunei Lewat `Yasmine`



London Flashback

It’s that time again where I dig up what I have from my video archives and try to edit it into something.

This time I was inspired by the nice music video of ‘Home’ by Foxes, directed by Flora Hanitijo. It somehow perfectly captured that mood/feeling of my last few months in London back in 2012 – with its blurry dream-like footage of London, cool beats, lullaby-ish music, lyrics that talks about someone you used to be closed with but suddenly not anymore (at least that’s what I think it meant).

Some of the stuff from that music video such as the few shots from the train and london taxis/buses on the road are similar to what I have. So the idea of editing this video was born. I used the instrumental version of the song and picked some clips I have of streets and roads…do some croppings and zoomings and speeding ups.

It’s intentionally a bit chaotic but it gets that rush of memories/flashbacks feel to it. The whole reverse thing at the end is directly inspired by the music video.

Music: Foxes – Home (Instrumental)
Inspired by Home – Flora Hanijito:

Digital Scrapbook – Bruneian Students in UK

It’s Summer time and some of the young Bruneians here are probably thinking/preparing themselves to study overseas by September/October with UK being the traditionally the popular choice for young Bruneians (Australia is another popular choice. The US is also starting to become another popular destination).

This is also the time when these young Bruneian students would start asking bunch of questions like How’s studying in UK? Do you get homesick? How do you deal with the academic difficulties? How are the Bruneians there? etc.

I’m sure you can find stuff on the DOs and DONTs and other advices from those booklets or presentations that you get if you visit any of those UK Education exhibitions that they usually organize.

Those things are useful. But I like personal stories from actual students.

For the past few years, the UK High Commission have organized an annual ‘Digital Scrapbook’ competition where Brunei students would upload videos of their experiences studying and living in the UK as an international student (Although this year the competition moved away from the video format to picture collage).

What I love about these videos is that they are diverse in style yet you can still spot some of the common issues and themes being touched on as well.

I probably have missed some of the videos especially from the first competition in 2011 because the UK High Commission have changed their website and removed the Digital Scrapbook page. So feel free to comment if I missed any videos.


Ijjojji Bin Nordin
Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

Mohamad Rusydi Haji Roseli
Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

Siti Amalina Haji Mohd Jaafar
University of Surrey

Haji Mohammad Alimin Haji Matyassin
University of Kent

Mohammad Khairi Ihsannudin Isnon bin Ismail
University of Sheffield

Hj Ahmad Faiz bin Hj Abdul Rahim
University of Nottingham

Dk Nur Amrina Bte Pg Abd Aziz
Headington School Oxford

Nadzuan Bin Narawi
University of Nottingham

Click More for older entries from 2012 and 2011

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Brunei Darussalam – From Constitution to National Day

In between watching the teaser for Chris Nolan’s Interstellar and participating in the Brunei National Day celebration, I had an idea for this little video in my head where we would go on a quick journey from the old days to the present time where we celebrate our national day every year.

So I grabbed whatever clips/footage/videos that I can quickly find online and edited this short video. If only I could access the treasure trove of historical footage in the archives of RTB.

Music: Interstellar Teaser Trailer – Hans Zimmer(?)


Brunei Celebrates – Malay Film Unit (1958)

50 Years Brunei’s Written Constitution – Balai Berita RTB (2009)

BRUNEI – 29th National Day Film – Reza, Arif Sablee, Ajek30, Adi A Sarbini (2013)

Brunei Tourism Promotional Video – Brunei Tourism (2012)

Giant national flag rises 110 feet above the capital – Rudolf Portillo & Saiful Omar, Brunei Times (2014)


Inspiration/based on the brilliant Interstellar teaser trailer

Christmas Eve – Japan railway commercial 1988-1992

Between 1988 – 1992, Japan Railway aired a series of Christmas commercials – all revolving around the theme of couples reuniting during Christmas….. and all set to the song ‘Christmas Eve’ by Tatsuro Yamashita.

I used to live in Japan around that time. I was still in kindergarten but I still fondly remember what an awesome place and time it was to grow up in. I compiled the commercials and put it in one video with the full version of the song.

It’s a nostalgic trip back to the good ol days of Japan.

MyTracks – Playlist for this year’s imaginary movie – MMXIII


It’s the end of the year and I felt like making a playlist. It’s not necessarily songs from this year.



Act I

01 – Suit & Tie – Justin Timberlake
02 – Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke
03 – Locked Out In Heaven – Bruno Mars
04 – Get Lucky – Daft Punk
05 – Treasure – Bruno Mars
06 – Elevate – St. Lucia
07 – Clarity – Zedd
08 – Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
09 – Just One Yesterday – Fall Out Boy
10 – Youth – Foxes
11 – Counting Stars – OneRepublic
12 – Wake Me Up – Avicii
13 – La La La – Naughty Boy
14 – Right Here – Rudimental


Act II

15 – Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
16 – Royals – Lorde
17 – Tennis Court – Lorde
18 – We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus
19 – Lose Yourself to Dance – Daft Punk
20 – Mirrors – Justin Timberlake
21 – Stay – Rihanna & Mikky Ekko
22 – Hold My Liquor – Kanye West
23 – No Church in the Wild – Jay Z & Kanye West
24 – Still Sane – Lorde
25 – Home – Foxes
26 – Team – Lorde
27 – On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons
28 – Roar – Katy Perry
29 – White Coats – Foxes
30 – What You Wanted – OneRepublic

NOTE: I chose the picture of a Fox because it relates to a singer that makes the most appearance in this playlist (as lead and featured singer). And there is a hidden track somewhere.