I’m currently writing a Superhero story set in Brunei Darussalam titled GUARDIANS OF DARUSSALAM.

“GUARDIANS OF DARUSSALAM is a homage to the superhero genre with a local flavour.

Set in a heightened reality / fictional / alternate version of Brunei Darussalam, it is a story of an ordinary boy named ADAM who gained super strength after an encounter with a magical giant archer fish – just like the legend of Brunei’s mythical hero, Awang Semaun. Initially reluctant, Adam soon finds the hero within him and set out to become a superhero known as ‘CAPTAIN BRUNEI.’

When dark forces rises and threatens the peace in Brunei, it is up to Adam and his allies – including RIDZUAN, son of wealthy family turned crime fighter; AKMAL, a young detective; tough police officer RAHMAN and his daughter LIZA; VIVIAN, the journalist and many others – to stop it and uphold DARUSSALAM – the Abode of Peace.”


STORY OF THE ISLAND: History of The Island on LOST

I’ve written a lengthy Seven Chapters Fanfiction/Theory on my favourite show – LOST. I consider it as my definitive take on the whole mythology of my favourite show.

So if you were a huge fan of the show as I was, you can read my take on the mythology of the show here:



aka If It Was Up To Me Then Here’s How I Would Do It.


I think they need to freshen things up and move away from the usual ‘People-chased-by-TRex-in-the-jungle’ formula. Taking a page from Prometheus is one way to go – telling a very loosely related story that expanded the mythology.

Read more on my take here:


My thoughts on a reboot of the Resident Evil movie franchise. I want to see a reboot of the Resident Evil films that follows closer to the characters and plotlines of the games. I see how it could be an epic Six Films saga (with two trilogies) like Star Wars.

I outlined my idea for a new trilogy reboot that follows closer to the game’s storyline and also take inspirations from movies such as Alien, The Shining and The Raid.

Read more on my take here: 

Part I:

Part II:


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