DC Extended Universe (DCEU) Justice League Trinity Theme

A compilation of the wonderful soundtrack of the DC Extended Universe heroes (Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman) featuring music of Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL and Rupert Gregson-Williams.

Originally, I wanted it to be this more elaborate musical theme comprising of the motifs of all the members of JL and other cool track. But then I thought…nah…I’m just gonna strip it out and stick to only my favourite and essential themes.


  • 0:00 – The Justice League Theme – Danny Elfman
  • 0:47 – Beautiful Lie – Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL
  • 4:10 – No Man’s Land – Rupert Gregson-Williams
  • 7:32 – Is She With You – Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL
  • 11:05 – Man of Steel (Hans Original Sketchbook) – Hans Zimmer 

The Batman – Backstory of Ben Affleck’s Batman

Ever since I saw Batman v Superman, I’ve wondered about what kind of stuff this older (angrier and more hardcore) version of Batman went through in his 20 years career.

So I took the Grant Morrison-like approach to Ben Affleck’s Batman by assuming that every live action Batman films happened, in some form or another, to the Bruce Wayne that we met in BvS.

I pieced together some stuff from the Batman films and edited this video. What you end up with is a somewhat logical ‘biography’. All the stress, trauma, violence and the tragedies…it all led up to this darker and more brutal Batman.

I tried to create a logical story through the movies:

We start with the first two Nolan films where Batman wanted to get rid of crime in Gotham City and then retire as Batman. Then he met the Joker and he realized that the war against crime in Gotham is harder than he thought.

Gotham got darker and crazier after the fall of the ‘White Knight’ Harvey Dent and we move into the Tim Burton era. Bruce Wayne became more socially awkward and reclusive. Batman and his colourful villains affected the art and fashion trend of Gotham – gothic with neon lights. Robin and Batgirl added colour to Bruce’s life until tragedy strikes – Batgirl got shot and Robin got killed by the Joker.

Batman couldn’t deal with the loss and he got reckless – almost cost his life when his back got broken by Bane. Batman recovered, regained focus and defeated Bane.

Then Superman battled Zod in Metropolis and we know the rest…

In short: DCEU Batman’s 20 year career is a alternate version of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Batman 1989, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin and The Dark Knight Rises.

Before Midnight trailer

In Before Sunrise (1995), Jesse and Celine (played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy respectively) met on a train in Europe. Jesse was going to Vienna to catch a plane from there to America. They both decided to spend a day together exploring the city of Vienna while having deep conversations about life and love. They eventually fall in love but had part ways because of Jesse’s flight the next morning. They agreed to meet at Vienna in six months but they unfortunately did not fulfill the promise due to unforeseen circumstances.

Nine years later in Before Sunset (2004), they met in Paris. Both characters have moved on with their lives – Jesse was having a lifeless marriage while Celine had relationship difficulties with her boyfriend. They expressed their regrets in life and rekindled their feelings for each other.

Now it’s 2013 – nine years after the last film – Jesse and Celine are back in Before Midnight. We meet them during their summer holiday in Greece with their kids and friends. Expect them to have meaningful conversation about their mid-life crises and re-evaluating their long term relationship.

I loved the first one and loved the second one even more. I thought the first one was sweet and interesting. But I felt that the dialogues were more natural and the chemistry between the two lead was better in the sequel.

Heard many good reviews for the third movie from film festivals such as Sundance – with some calling it a masterpiece.

I personally cannot wait to watch it.

Release: May 24, 2013

Iron Man 3 and beyond

New IRON MAN 3 Trailer

What an awesome trailer that was. It seems like they’re pushing Tony Stark to the limit this time and Ben Kingsley’s ‘the Mandarin’ looks to be a great villain.

After the mega success of the Avengers, people were wondering about how they are going to move forward after that. Well, it looks like Phase 2 will be having a good start with Iron Man 3.

Let’s do a quick rundown of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU) – where we were, where we’re definitely heading, and where we MIGHT be heading :


  • Iron Man
  • Incredible Hulk
  • Iron Man 2
  • Thor
  • Captain America
  • Avengers

We’ve passed PHASE 1 and everyone was glad that it paid off brilliantly with the Avengers. For PHASE 2 we will have:

  • Iron Man 3
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Avengers 2

The we’ll have PHASE 3 and we only have few information and rumours regarding this phase.

  • Ant Man (confirmed)
  • Doctor Strange (confirmed to be in development)
  • A Hulk movie based/inspired by ‘Planet Hulk’ storyline – RUMOUR
  • Avengers 3 – partly based/inspired by ‘World War Hulk’ storyline – RUMOUR

Olympus Has Fallen Trailer

It’s Die Hard meets Red Dawn with a dose of Michael Bay explosive mayhem!

Two Face as the President

So Aaron Eckhart plays the US president in this movie…to which I say, “It’s about damn time!” I’ve always thought that Eckhart has that All- American Robert Redford/Harrison Ford type of thing going on so him being the president kinda fits for me.

And who gets to be the acting President when Eckhart gets captured? None other than Morgan Freeman.

UN Security Council roll call

“I want to talk to the Russians, the Chinese, the British and the French. In THAT order,” says Morgan Freeman in the trailer. Shouldn’t they talk to the Chinese first before the Russians? Considering that China is the next emerging superpower and the fact that the terrorists in the movie are Asian-looking.

North Korea

The villains are actually North Koreans. And the guy who plays their leader played another North Korean villain in Pierce Brosnan’s last 007 movie, Die Another Day. Talk about typecasting!

Gerard Butler saving the President….like in Escape from New York!

In this movie, Gerard Butler is the only person who can save the US President. Ironically, Gerard Butler was considered for the role of Snake Plissken in the remake of Escape From New York. And what was the plot of that movie? Yup, it’s about rescuing the US President.

Not Channing Tatum

I actually never even heard about ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ before this trailer came out. But I have heard about another upcoming film that has a similar plot. In ‘White House Down’ coming in June this year, Channing Tatum plays an agent that has to protect the president (played by Jamie Foxx) from terrorists that’s taking over the White House.

Olympus Has Fallen is coming out this March.

My Top 10 Movies – 2012

For those of you who’ve seen my previous lists, you would probably know it’s mostly made up ‘blockbusters’/action type of movies.

Here’s my previous lists:

2011 – 1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2) Warrior 3) Super 8 4) Kung Fu Panda 2 5) X-Men First Class 6) Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol 7) 50/50 8) Rise of the Planet of The Apes 9) Captain America 10) Fast Five

2010 – 1) Inception 2) Toy Story 3  3) Social Network 4) Scott Pilgrim vs the World 5) Tron Legacy 6) Kick Ass 7) The Karate Kid 8) RED 9) The Expendables 10) The A-Team

2009 – 1) Avatar 2) District 9 3) Star Trek 4) Up 5) 500 Days of Summer 6) Inglourious Basterds 7) Watchmen 8) Hangover 9) GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra 10) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

2008 – 1) The Dark Knight 2) Kung Fu Panda 3) Wall-E 4) Hellboy II: The Golden Army 5) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull 6) Wanted 7) Iron Man 8) Rambo 9) JCVD 10) Tropic Thunder

Now on to the list!

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My Top 10 Movies – 2011

This is a bit late but that doesn’t matter because I say that EVERY YEAR anyway. For those of you who’ve seen my previous lists, you would probably know it’s mostly made up ‘blockbusters’ type of movies.

For me it was a year filled with sequels/remakes that took me by surprise.

Another year, another countdown. Let’s go!

See previous list: 2010 (Inception, Toy Story 3, The Social Network, etc) ; 2009 (Avatar, District 9, Star Trek, etc) ; 2008 (The Dark Knight, Kung Fu Panda, Wall E, etc).


10. Fast Five

I’ve always enjoyed the Fast and the Furious franchise for what it was. By the time they reached the 4th movie (which, aside from the whole Walker/Diesel reunion thing, wasn’t that good for me) I thought that any further sequels would be pushing it and they’ll end up in the Freddy/Jason territory. But Fast Five blew me away and it set the bar high for any ‘Fivequel’ – not that it was high in the first place.

Hollywood these days are crazy about ‘reboot’ after the success of Batman Begins. Since then, they’ve rebooted James Bond, Star Trek and now Spiderman with Andrew Garfield replacing Tobey Maguire. But Fast Five wasn’t a complete reboot – they still have the same actors, still on the same continuity, still have fast cars. What they did was they shifted gear (Pun shamelessly intended!) and moved the focus away from street racing and towards the heist-action movie elements. Throw in just about everyone from the previous movies, raise the stakes (the characters are on the run), smack some insane set pieces and BAM! you have one of the best action movie in recent years.

Highlight: A good story needs a good villain – It’s a simple rule. The Fast and Furious movies never had any memorable villains (maybe except for the one in Tokyo Drift) and this one is no exception. Yup, they’re going against another drug lord. But there is another cool ‘antagonist’ and it’s played by the Rock! Like many others, I’ve always thought that Vin Diesel and the Rock are the new Stallone and Arnold so seeing these two actors finally squaring it off in the big screen was great. And Holy Crap! The Rock really turned into the Hulk for this movie didn’t he.

9. Captain America

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Creating The ‘Brunei’ Film – A Trilogy Based on ‘Melayu Islam Beraja’

I like movies. Even more, I like wasting my time coming up with movie ideas. I write them down in my spare time (I have a few saved in my computer) but there is one idea that I like to share with everyone particularly with my fellow Bruneians.

But let’s start with a little background:

At HMV, I spotted ‘The Three Colors Trilogy’, a series of films directed by  Krzysztof Kieślowski with each story loosely representing the three ideals of France (Liberty, Equality and Fraternity) and the three colours of the French flag (Blue, White and Red). I felt inspired by the cool concept and immediately thought about the ideals of my own country, Brunei Darussalam. Our national ideology is ‘Melayu Islam Beraja’ (MIB) or in English, ‘Malay Islamic Monarchy’. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if they make a trilogy with each film focusing on each of the components of that philosophy.”

That idea stuck and grew on me because of several things that happened such as the recent visit of the Sultan of Brunei to London and all the Bruneian students in UK (there are A LOT of us) gathered together at Hilton hotel; the fact that I’m graduating in the next few weeks and start thinking about my future.

Why this project?

So here’s my idea for this so-called ‘trilogy’ and I’m leaving it to anyone in Brunei to develop it. I also think that this could be the perfect time for this type of project because:

– There is a rising number of movie fans in Brunei now. The Cineplex at the Mall and the Empire have made Bruneians more savvy with films. Cinema-going have also become a popular leisure activity for Bruneians. Most young Bruneians are now reviewing films (Recently, I was surprised at how a lot of Bruneians criticized the poor plot of Transformers 3. I was like “WOAH! Since when Bruneians give a damn about depth? They are now trying to be proper movie critics now?!?!”). In short, Bruneians LOVE and KNOW movies.

– However, local film industry in Brunei is almost non-existent. I’m pretty sure there are many talented filmmakers in Brunei and all we have to do is give these talented people the right push.

So how do we push the local film industry and appeal to Bruneian movie lovers? By making our own movie that are relevant enough for Bruneians. Hence why I think a series of movies revolving around the theme of MIB and its relations to modernization would be a good idea.

So here’s a rough idea of this ‘trilogy’. These are just ideas that could just start things up and lead to better ideas.



There are several ideas that could be spun out of ‘Malay’ as a theme. You could do a family drama focusing on the relationship between a young Bruneian and his father; two people from different generations with different mentality. You could also do something on racial theme about the relation between Malay, Chinese and Indians.

What I have is a story idea that focuses on the social divide among the young Bruneian population between the Western oriented and Malay oriented youngsters. Here’s a possible storyline:

A young Malay man returns to Brunei after staying overseas for quite a while. Full of ideas and energy, he attempts to open a Centre of sort to promote the Arts (art, music, drama, etc). He found success among the upper middle class and their more western oriented children. However, he could not reach out to the lower middle class Malay oriented masses that he’s simply out of touch with.

One day, he sees a performance of a traditional Malay dance by a group of girls. Feeling really inspired, he embarks on a journey to discover the rich Malay traditions that he sadly didn’t know much about. In the end, he holds a special showcase at the Arts centre with the main theme being a fusion of modern and traditional arts.

You don’t have to follow this exact plot but the social theme it touches upon is personal for me. As someone who had spent a considerable amount of his childhood overseas and met young Bruneians from both social sides, I just think that this is a story idea with a message that will resonate with a lot of young Bruneians. The protagonist’s journey of re-discovery of the Malay traditions is the perfect opportunity to showcase the rich Malay Bruneian traditions.

The moral of the story is – It’s good to be open to new and modern ideas but never forget your roots.


Here’s what I came up with but I’m sure this would be a bit controversial:

It’s about three close friends whose friendship is torn apart due to the different paths they took in their lives. One is exposed to Western philosophy which led him to question his Islamic faith. The other is into the dangerous extremist views of Islam. And the one is in the middle and tries to keep their friendship together. As both men became more convinced that they are correct, only their third friend can see how so far lost those two have become.

The story could have a happy ending where they both see the errors of their way and be friends again. BUT I prefer to have a downer ending where they both have an empty life because of the respective path they chose in their lives.

Moral of the story – It’s ok to open to new ideas but don’t get easily influence by it. Being ultra conservative may not necessarily make you a better Muslim.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with deepening your knowledge and practices in Islam, as a matter of fact it is GREATLY encouraged to do that (Alhamdulilah). But we need to know the difference between what is correct and what is extremist ideas especially in today’s world. And I see these thing happening to a lot to people especially those who stay abroad. It’s not about being liberal or not….it’s about being sensible and knowing to use your conscience.

Like I said, this would be a bit controversial. There are several possible ideas that are less controversial. Again, you could do a family drama about a father who tries to instill Islamic values on his family. A story focusing on the journey of a person towards the Khatam of the Quran would be interesting as well.

Perhaps a more relevant story could focus on a Sekolah Ugama/Religious School. I’ve always have the feeling that these Sekolah Ugama get sidelined by the more regular schools. It would be a nice and interesting change from what would be a typical plot setting of a normal secondary/highschool.


It gets trickier now. I don’t have any concrete plot ideas for this one. But if we like to follow a ‘political’ theme, something that touches on the LegCo would be interesting. I have to say that I’ve been impressed with how far our parliament have gone so far since its reinstatement  in 2004. When I say ‘Political’ theme, people would immediately assume something negative. No, I always see ‘politics’ in Brunei as much more about the relation between the community and the government; the LegCo is the center and the embodiment of that.

Here’s one suggestion:

Have a story revolving around an issue or a problem. Then focus on a few characters ranging from someone working in the ministry to someone on a village level eg. Ketua Kampung. We would then see the issue from different perspectives and the whole story would be about them working together to solve it. The LegCo could be involved in the middle of the story perhaps. In the end, the issue/problem is solved thanks to a cooperation between the community and the government.

You could even throw in a character representing the country’s media as the main character who could serve as an anchor to the various story threads.


There are tons of story ideas that can utilise the themes of Melayu, Islam and Beraja. But the main point that I want to put across is that the story(ies) that we should make must touch on a topic that is both contemporary and relevant to Bruneians. If we want to start some sort of Brunei film industry then we must simply start with a bang:

  • It may not have to be high standard but definitely don’t aim for a low one
  • Must appeal to Bruneians from various age groups
  • Most importantly, a movie that actually MATTERS. We can’t make a mark with our film industry by producing superficial films. It must at least have some depth/thought to it.
  • It must be Bruneian. So that means it’s about Bruneians, deals with Brunei and is intended for Bruneians. And other people that would watch this movie would know it as a ‘Bruneian movie’.


If all of this doesn’t appeal to you….then we could always fall back on my TV series idea or my ‘Bruneian Superhero Idea’ 😉

But that’s for another post if anybody wants to hear it.

The Brave and the Bold

Three years ago, I wrote about my opinions on several planned movies featuring DC superheroes. A lot have changed since then and I’m now going write another overview of the projects featuring DC superheroes and my opinions of it. With all the attention on Marvel’s Thor, Captain America and the Avengers next year, I think this is a good time to take a look at our folks in DC.


After the ‘not-so-satisfying-enough’ reception of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (a quasi sequel to Superman II), Warner decided to reboot it and aimed for a darker take on the character ala Batman Begins. I was opposed to the idea because making Superman darker is not necessarily the best way to make a good movie. A more accurate word would be ‘mature’ or ‘character driven’. Brandon Routh’s Superman did have angst in him but the movie was sadly let down by the lack of a formidable threat (I like Lex Luthor but creating a continent for real estate??? seriously??).

The story has it that director Christopher Nolan and writer David Goyer were taking a break from writing the third Batman movie and talked about Superman. Goyer told Nolan of the way he would approach a Superman movie to make him more relevant to modern times and go into what he is as a man. Nolan loved his idea and helped him pitch it to Warner Bros. They accepted it and the rest was history. Set to be released in 2012, the tentatively titled ‘Man of Steel‘ is a movie project produced by Nolan, written by Goyer and directed by Watchmen’s Zack Snyder. It features a cast of Henry Cavill as Superman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan and Martha Kent with Michael Shannon as villain General Zod.

Many have complained about Zod being the villain again but come on! – 1) Joker and Two Face was in more than one Batman movie 2) General Zod could provide some Kryptonian mythology which is an opportunity to explore Superman’s origin without making this movie a straightforward origin story.

Speaking of origin story, there have been various rumored plot over the internet but the one that I really liked the most involved “Clark Kent as a journalist travelling around the world, including getting caught in the middle of a West African civil war, contemplating whether he should become Superman or not. He then traveled back to Smallville and comes face to face with his secret destiny.”


The Dark Knight Rises is the final part of the Batman saga that director Christopher Nolan wants to tell. Nolan’s Batman story is basically a one long origin story so expect the end of TDKR to be about Bruce Wayne transforming himself into the Batman we all know and love. Christian Bale will return as Batman and is now hunted both by the Gotham police and his past with the League of Shadows from the first movie. This is hinted by the casting of Josh Pence as the young Ra’s Al Ghul in a flashback and Marion Cotilllard who, despite the recent story of her playing a Wayne enterprise board member, I think will be revealed as Talia Al Ghul towards the end of the movie and double crosses him.

Another adversary that Batman will face is Bane, played by Tom Hardy. We still don’t know whether he is related to the League of Shadows but expect him to beat the living shit out of Batman. In the comic, Bane is infamous for breaking Batman’s back and put him on a temporary retirement. Although I don’t think Batman’s back would be broken in this movie, I do think he would get some kind major ass whooping from Bane. This would probably have an impact on Batman’s ability to save Gotham on his own. With the Gotham police against him (except for Commissioner Gordon), Batman probably will have to form an uneasy alliance with someone outside the law – a thief called Catwoman played by Anne Hathaway.

So what happens after Nolan finishes his Batman saga? A Reboot.

I predicted this three years ago because I saw it as the only way they could incorporate a version of Batman that is compatible with a Justice League universe. So it seems that Warner/DC stole read my mind read my blog post logically had the same idea. So should they make a rebooted Batman movie so soon? Hell no! But should they instead reboot Batman through a Justice League movie? Sure!

But like what Marvel is doing with the Avengers, I think Warner/DC should do the same and start building the DC universe to prepare themselves for an eventual Justice League movie. And they should start with the Green Lantern movie…

Green Lantern

Three years ago, I was highly anticipating this movie because of the things I heard about the script which described it as an epic space opera superhero movie. Although I supported Bradley Cooper as the Green Lantern, I wasn’t dissatisfied with the eventual casting of Ryan Reynolds. I remember calling Green Lantern DC’s answer to Iron Man and when the first trailer came, I was right…..in a bad way. I was disappointed because of the poor attempt at humour, chick flick type banter between the leads and special effects – basically a poor attempt of an Iron Man type of movie. 

And then the much longer trailer showed up and blew me away. NOW THIS IS WHAT I WAS PROMISED ABOUT YEARS AGO! An epic Space Opera Superhero movie!

It’s clear that they are now selling on the otherworldly premise of the movie and I think this movie should be the building block to an eventual Justice League movie. The world of Green Lantern is vast and fantastical so it would be really easy to incorporate the rest of the Justice League heroes into the universe laid out in this movie. I’m not expecting a Justice League reference in this movie (it’s too late for that) but drop it in the sequel (yes, a sequel is already in development). OR they can start laying down the Justice League foundation with….

The Flash

A movie starring the Flash is currently in development by the same people who wrote the Green Lantern movie (Greg Berlanti, Michael Green & Marc Guggenheim). So fingers crossed that they’ll set this movie in the same universe as the Green Lantern movie (IF they’re not planning it…then I suggest you buy tickets to Green Lantern movie so the it can make lots of money which will convince Warner/DC to ride the Green Lantern bandwagon by making Flash associated with Green Lantern).

The Flash will focus on Barry Allen, a police forensic scientist who got exposed to a bunch of ‘lightning striked chemicals’ and now has super speed ability. The writer has described the upcoming movie as a balance between a crime movie and a superhero movie. There was also a hint of elements of alternate universe which is a reference to the famous storyline of Barry Allen meeting an alternate version the Flash (Jay Garrick) that set up the whole multiverse thing going on at DC.

As for the casting? I say Bradley Cooper because I wanted him to be the Green Lantern. Since Ryan Reynolds (who I REALLY wanted to be Flash) got that gig, I suggest giving Flash to Cooper. Him being the Flash was a popular internet rumour and even Ryan Reynolds recently said that he wanted Bradley Cooper as the Flash. But sadly, Bradley Cooper is a bit reluctant to take on the role.

Justice League

And finally, the big daddy! A Justice League movie is in development but how should they approach this big movie?!! Here’s my opininon:

Christopher Nolan as a producer

No, I’m not saying that the Justice League movie should be dark and realistic. I just think that Christopher Nolan could be sort of act as a quality control to the project. I think Warner would be happy to have Nolan be on top of things because of the huge success of The Dark Knight and Inception. It also adds some credibility to the project.

 Rebooted Batman introduced in this film

Rather than make another standalone film, a rebooted Batman would be introduced in the Justice League movie. Just like how Wolverine was the anchor in the first X-men film, the Justice League film could be anchored by a storyline following Batman’s introduction to other superheroes like him and his eventual realization on the benefit of working together. As for casting….why not give another shot at Armie Hammer (the Winklevoss twins in Social Network) because he was close to playing Batman in the previously scrapped Justice League project.

Henry Cavill as Superman

As much as I liked Christian Bale as Batman, I don’t want him to play Batman in the Justice League movie. It would be wrong to see him in a fantastical Justice League movie after being used to seeing him in three realistic Batman movies. However, I do want to see Henry Cavill as Superman in a JL movie. Despite what Zack Snyder said about his Superman being its own thing, I want them to stick with Henry Cavill for Justice League. I didn’t like how they wanted to recast Brandon Routh and I certainly don’t want them to recast Cavill.

Green Lantern and the Flash

Use the world introduced in Green Lantern as a starting point, then build it up with Green Lantern 2 and The Flash movie.

Wonder Woman

It wouldn’t be Justice League without Wonder Woman. I’m not sure if they have time to slot in a Wonder Woman movie before Justice League so I think they should introduce her in there.

So what do we have?

There is a big threat to earth that not one superhero can handle. Batman is investigating something in Gotham that led to this big global threat. Batman’s investigation led him to meet other superheroes such as Superman, Green Lantern and the Flash. Martian Manhunter is introduced as someone related to this big threat. Wonder Woman’s Amazon land is under threat and is forced to unite with the superheroes from the world of men. Superman tries to unite everyone, Wonder Woman doesn’t trust men, Green Lantern prefers to do things with Green Lantern corp, Martian Manhunter is unfamiliar with human customs, the Flash is…well…confused by all this shit AND Batman doesn’t want to be associated with these idiots. They all unite eventually and save the day. Justice League is born. Batman says he’ll just be a part time member but he respects them nonetheless.

Of course, all of this depends heavily on the success of the upcoming Green Lantern movie. I hope that 1) It’s a damn enjoyable good movie 2) Makes lots of money. Then have other things fall into place such as Flash, Superman and Green Lantern sequel to set up the Justice League movie.

IF they could make this work and do it right, I’ll assure you that a Justice League movie will totally be bigger than the Avengers. I love Marvel and they have more cooler characters but I always see DC as having more prestige and much more iconic. There is something about Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman that taps into a universally recognized archetype.

You might enjoy my previous post on DC films back in 2008: https://trylobyte.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/worlds-finest/

PS: Whatever happened to that Green Arrow movie?? and no love for Aquaman??

My Oscar prediction 2011

My Oscar predictions for categories that I care about. Ceremony starts in an hour 🙂 Will try to continually update this.

Best Actor:

  • Javier Bardem – Biutiful
  • Jeff Bridges – True Grit
  • Jesse Eisenberg – The Social Network
  • Colin Firth – The King’s Speech
  • James Franco – 127 Hours

Who I want to win: Colin Firth – The King’s Speech
Who will probably win: Colin Firth – The King’s Speech

Who Won: Colin Firth – The King’s Speech

Best Actress

  • Annette Bening – The Kids Are All Right
  • Nicole Kidman – Rabbit Hole
  • Jennifer Lawrence – Winter’s Bone
  • Natalie Portman – Black Swan
  • Michelle Wiliams – Blue Valentine

Who I want to win: Annette Bening – The Kids Are All Right
Who will probably win: Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Who Won: Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Best Supporting Actor

  • Christian Bale – The Fighter
  • John Hawkes – Winter’s Bone
  • Jeremy Renner – The Town
  • Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are All Right
  • Geoffrey Rush – The King’s Speech

Who I want to win: Christian Bale – The Fighter
Who will probably win: Christian Bale – The Fighter

Who Won: Christian Bale – The Fighter

Best Supporting Actress

  • Amy Adams – The Fighter
  • Helena Bonham Carter – The King’s Speech
  • Melissa Leo – The Fighter
  • Hailee Steinfeld – True Grit
  • Jacki Weaver – Animal Kingdom

Who I want to win: Amy Adams – The Fighter
Who will probably win: Melissa Leo – The Fighter

Who Won: Melissa ‘Fucking’ Leo – The Fighter

Best Animated Feature

  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • The Illusionist
  • Toy Story 3

What I want to win: Toy Story 3
What will probably win: Toy Story 3

What Won: Toy Story 3

Best Original Screenplay

  • Another Year – Mike Leigh
  • The Fighter – Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson. Story by Keith Dorrington, Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnsonc
  • Inception – Christopher Nolan
  • The Kids Are All Right – Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg
  • The King’s Speech – David Seidler

Who I want to win: Inception – Christopher Nolan
Who will probably win: The King’s Speech – David Seidler

Who Won: The King’s Speech – David Seidler

Best Adapted Screenplay

  • 127 Hours – Danny Boyle & Simon Beaufoy
  • The Social Network – Aaron Sorkin
  • Toy Story 3 – Michael Arndt. Story by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich
  • True Grit – Joel Coen and Ethan Coen
  • Winter’s Bone – Debra Granik and Anne Rosellini

Who I want to win: The Social Network – Aaron Sorkin
Who will probably win: The Social Network – Aaron Sorkin

Who Won: The Social Network – Aaron Sorkin

Best Original Score

  • John Powell – How to Train Your Dragon
  • Hans Zimmer – Inception
  • Alexandre Desplat – The King’s Speech
  • A.R. Rahman – 127 Hours
  • Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – The Social Network

Who I want to win: Hans Zimmer – Inception
Who will probably win: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – The Social Network
WHO I REALLY WANT TO WIN!!: Daft Punk – Tron Legacy

Who Won: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – The Social Network

Best Cinematography

  • Black Swan – Matthew Libatiquec
  • Inception – Wally Pfister
  • The King’s Speech – Danny Cohen
  • The Social Network – Jeff Cronenweth
  • True Grit – Roger Deakins

Who I want to win: Inception – Wally Pfister
Who will probably win: True Grit – Roger Deakins

Who Won: Inception – Wally Pfister

Best Director

  • Darren Aronofsky – Black Swan
  • David O. Russell – The Fighter
  • Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech
  • David Fincher – The Social Network
  • Joel Coen and Ethan Coen – True Grit

Who I want to win: David Fincher – The Social Network
Who will probably win: David Fincher – The Social Network

Who Won: Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech


  • Black Swan
  • The Fighter
  • Inception
  • The Kids Are All Right
  • The King’s Speech
  • 127 Hours
  • The Social Network
  • Toy Story 3
  • True Grit
  • Winter’s Bone

What I want to win: The Social Network
What will probably win: The King’s Speech

What Won: The King’s Speech