Welcome to Trylobyte’s Corner!

This is the place where I put my random thoughts that I like to share with you all. It’s also a place where I could post about things that interest me such as movies, TV shows, more movies, Games, even m0re Movies and just anything that’s part of the Pop culture.


This blog was started back in late 2007 when I was waiting to get offers to study in a University. Everyone in the country had a blog at that time so why not start one myself to keep me busy – and it did kept me busy throughout 2008, posting various random things ranging from movie news to personal thoughts on the news.

I found myself posting less frequently in the past  years when I began to get myself busy with Uni and well…non-blogging life (and signed up for Facebook & Twitter). But I’m trying to get this blog back on the groove again or at least liven it up a bit more (making the layout more colourful is a start)


But in the intervening years, I’ve written a lengthy Seven Chapters Fanfiction/Theory on my favourite show – LOST. I consider it as my definitive take on the whole mythology of my favourite show.

So if you were a huge fan of the show as I was, you can read my take on the mythology of the show here:


Also, I’m currently writing a Superhero story set in Brunei Darussalam titled GUARDIANS OF DARUSSALAM.

“It is an epic story of an ordinary boy named ADAM who gained super strength after an encounter with a magical giant archer fish – just like the legend of Brunei’s mythical hero, Awang Semaun. Initially reluctant, Adam soon finds the hero within him and set out to become a superhero. However, an ancient evil spirit and his forces rises and threatens the peace in Brunei. It is up to Adam and his allies – including a son of wealthy family turned crime fighter; a young detective; tough police officer and his equally tough daughter; a journalist; a comic book geek/sidekick – to stop it and uphold DARUSSALAM – the Abode of Peace”


You can also find me on Tumblr, Twitter and Youtube.

Want to contact me? Here’s my email trylobyte07@gmail.com




Mostly movie related but I have written about a wide range of things. Here are some of the ‘highlights’ – the cliff notes of my blog. I’ll try to divide it into categories.


Exploration of Dreams


Inspired by INCEPTION, I’ve analysed my own experience with dreams through my sleep journal – a notebook where I write down my dreams immediately after waking up.

I Have A Dream (29/11/2007) – Outlined several instances where I visit the same place in my dreams again and again.

A Dream Within A Dream (23/6/2010) – Exploration on the dreams that I’ve had – together with a sleep journal where I try to write down my dreams after waking up. I attempt to define several properties of my dreams: dreams as prophecies, dream within a dream, morphing locations, memory of otehr dreams

Dreaming The Inception – My dreams the night after I watched ‘Inception’

A Half Remembered Dream (31/7/2012) – More on properties of dream such as: Dream Time vs Real Time, non-beginning dream, etc.


I want to write a story… 


BLAST FROM THE PAST! I wrote down an idea I have for a story that I have been wanting do. I described it as a “twisted-surreal-comedic-non-sequitur multi layered with multi-characters story set in an international school” Really ambitious I must say! Actually, I still have a desire to write this epic story set in an international school although the idea have considerably been scaled down from “Illuminatus Trilogy meets Hitchiker’s Guide meets Lord of the Rings” scope that I wanted to do back in 2007. I’ve written down a rough outline of the plot and I haven’t touched it for more than a year now. Meanwhile, you can read the initial overly ambitious idea back in 2007.

Trylobyte’s Crazy Random Theory of the Day…



A ridiculous cosmological theory I wrote back in 2007:

What if our solar system is actually an atomic structure? It’s an idea that captivated me since I was young. Well that simple idea led to another question; What happens when you zoom out of the solar system? Well, you’ll see that it is just one of the billions of solar systems in the milky way, which itself, is simply one of the many galaxies in the universe. What if you continue to zoom out? Does the universe have any boundaries?

Lost Civilization & Alternative History



I eventually stumbled upon this book, The Mars Mystery by Graham Hancock. It proposed a theory that there was an advanced civilization on Mars that vanished after a cataclysmic event. But what fascinated me more was the idea of a connection between the Martian civilization and our own past civilization (notably the Egyptian civilization). Little did I know that this book was just part of a series of books by the author who championed the so called ‘lost civilization theory’. Thus, my journey through genres of alternative history, paranormal, conspiracy and general mysteries of the universe began.



Posts that’s may or may not be directly related to Brunei

Sentiasa Bersama Biskita


Radio Television Brunei

My loving tribute to our local television channel featuring mentions of such memorable local dramas like Anti-corruption ‘cop show’ KOD 468 and horror anthology series CATATAN MISTERI

Creating The ‘Brunei’ Film



An idea I have for an anthology style film with each storyline focusing on each of the the country’s national ideology: MELAYU ISLAM BERAJA (Malay Islamic Monarchy).

Inspired by Krzysztof Kieślowski‘s ‘The Three Colors Trilogy’



The Dark Knight

I covered The Dark Knight in several of my blog post leading up to its release in July of 2008. The movie was worth the wait!



  • Road to the Dark Knight (16/7/2008) – A rundown of all the posts in this blog about The Dark Knight – from the Joker reveal to the trailers to the images to the death of Heath Ledger.
  • Holy F*** Batman!! My ‘Dark Knight’ Review! (18/7/2008) – The Dark Knight is not just a Superhero movie, it’s a two and a half hours long epic crime drama that touches on themes like law & order, the price of heroism and what people can do when their comfort zone get disturb. Did I mentioned that this movie is tragic? Things just get worse and worse every minute till the end”
  • Batman 3 – What I want to see (12/8/2008) – My idea back then for what the third Batman movie should be about starring Catwoman and the Riddler as the villain. Looking back, it’s interesting to see the stuff that I got right: the isolation of an older Bruce Wayne and the inclusion of Catwoman.

Dragon Ball Evolution Movie

Another movie that I have extensively covered in this blog was the Dragonball movie. That movie turned out to be shit! You can find posts about the initial announcement here (15/11/2007); the rundown of the cast/characters (31/12/2007); the characters in the movie (23/5/2008)

RESIDENT EVIL –Part 1 / Part 2

Resident Evil 5 coming soon The demon with a soul

Honestly, I don’t like the Resident Evil movies. You can change stuff from the game but these movies are radically different from the games. So then I thought hey, let me try to make my own cast list for a Resident Evil movie that I want to see. You can find that HERE and HERE

PLUS you can find my idea for an epic SIX PART Resident Evil movie franchise reboot here: Part I and Part II

Cloverfield Monster?! – Part Un Part Deux


The excitement and the mysteries of the Cloverfield monster exceeded the eventual movie being released. I joined in the fun guessing game back then.

Heroes don’t die… They just reload – Part Uno / Part Dos

Live Free or Die Hard John Rambo Indiana Jones Crystall Skull

Reviving our old movie heroes to the big screen has become a trend in Hollywood these days. Arnie flexed his ‘acting skills’ for Terminator 3 before becoming the governor, Bruce crashed a car against a helicopter, Stallone did double duty with Rocky & Rambo and Ford is back for more treasure hunting. Let’s take a look at how our action heroes have performed and see whether their effort did justice to their respective franchise.

A Look at Shawshank Redemption & The Mist


Shawshank RedemptionThe Mist

I compared The Shawshank Redemption and The Mist – two contrasting movies directed by Frank Darabont and adapted from  the works of Stephen King.

Chick Flicks that I actually liked



I wrote my opinions on 500 Days of Summer, Before sunrise/Sunset, Enchanted, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Hitch, Serendipity and Wall-E

DC Superheroes franchise

MARVEL superhero movies have been kick DC’s ass for several years now with their genius way of building up their cinematic universe which culminated with the mega successful AVENGERS.

batman superman

In the first part (29/8/2008), I wrote about the general excitement I have for upcoming DC movie projects such as the Superman reboot, the third Batman movie, the promising Green Lantern movie and an even more intriguing concept for a Green Arrow movie.

In the second part (20/4/2011), I got even more specific about what DC should do with their superhero movies that would lead up to a Justice League film. I placed my bet on the Ryan Reynold Green Lantern movie to jumpstart the DC universe (ala Iron Man with Marvel).

In light of the critical failure of Green Lantern and the excitement of the Man of Steel movie, I’m planning on writing one more blog post on this subject. Stay tuned.


Don’t worry, nothing too controversial here

Islamic “Passion of the Christ”


Jesus Iran

My opinion on Nader Talebzadeh, an Iranian director, who made an Islamic version of the life of Jesus Christ or as we Muslims called him, Prophet Isa. I had no problem with it but I was troubled with the fact that the Iranian government was also allegdely working to hasten the return of the Prophet Isa. Personally, as a Muslim, I believe that Qiyammah will happen BUT we should not working to hasten it or trying to make it happen. It will play out in Allah’s will and not for us to decide.

Saying the D word


Ah yes, the one where I wrote about democracy. Back in 2008, I wrote: “Democracy…a good concept but when it comes to putting in practice, other factors needs to be considered such as the traditions of the society, the mindset of the people, the time factor (implementing in stages).” I still stand by what I generally wrote in this blog post but I think I would’ve said other things as well.

The last line I wrote summed it up though: “I think my former History teacher said it best during our discussion about Iraq, democracy is something that evolves. I say it is like a plant that needs water to grow rather than a clothing you just simply take and put on.”


  • Bhutto 28/11/2007 – The assassination of Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto and the need for hope and optimism in the today’s world.
  • Suharto passed away 27/1/2008 – The title says it all


Beijing Olympic 2008 – Opening ceremony / Closing Ceremony

Beijing 2008

My LIVE BLOG of the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics! In case you’re wondering, yes it was the one where we (Brunei) embarrassingly missed out on!

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