History of Captain Brunei and the Brunei Superhero Story

Guardians Of Darussalam

So how did the idea for this superhero story started?

Let’s rewind the clocks back to 2010.

The Beginning – 2010

‘Guardians of Darussalam’ is a Brunei Superhero Story. The center of this story is a superhero named “Kapten Brunei” or “Captain Brunei”

I’m not gonna pretend that I was the first one to toy with the concept of ‘Captain Brunei’. There are many fan artworks of ‘Captain Brunei’ out there if you bother to search them.

But what I can tell you that for me, I had the idea back in 2010. I saw ‘Black Panther’ in an ‘Avengers’ cartoon and thought, “Hmmm there’s a black superhero so how about an Asian superhero? No wait, how about a local superhero (from my country Brunei) ?!!”

So I took Captain America’s basic design and modified it with our flag colours. And I also made a Shield just like Cap America.


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