London Flashback

It’s that time again where I dig up what I have from my video archives and try to edit it into something.

This time I was inspired by the nice music video of ‘Home’ by Foxes, directed by Flora Hanitijo. It somehow perfectly captured that mood/feeling of my last few months in London back in 2012 – with its blurry dream-like footage of London, cool beats, lullaby-ish music, lyrics that talks about someone you used to be closed with but suddenly not anymore (at least that’s what I think it meant).

Some of the stuff from that music video such as the few shots from the train and london taxis/buses on the road are similar to what I have. So the idea of editing this video was born. I used the instrumental version of the song and picked some clips I have of streets and roads…do some croppings and zoomings and speeding ups.

It’s intentionally a bit chaotic but it gets that rush of memories/flashbacks feel to it. The whole reverse thing at the end is directly inspired by the music video.

Music: Foxes – Home (Instrumental)
Inspired by Home – Flora Hanijito:


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