Digital Scrapbook – Bruneian Students in UK

It’s Summer time and some of the young Bruneians here are probably thinking/preparing themselves to study overseas by September/October with UK being the traditionally the popular choice for young Bruneians (Australia is another popular choice. The US is also starting to become another popular destination).

This is also the time when these young Bruneian students would start asking bunch of questions like How’s studying in UK? Do you get homesick? How do you deal with the academic difficulties? How are the Bruneians there? etc.

I’m sure you can find stuff on the DOs and DONTs and other advices from those booklets or presentations that you get if you visit any of those UK Education exhibitions that they usually organize.

Those things are useful. But I like personal stories from actual students.

For the past few years, the UK High Commission have organized an annual ‘Digital Scrapbook’ competition where Brunei students would upload videos of their experiences studying and living in the UK as an international student (Although this year the competition moved away from the video format to picture collage).

What I love about these videos is that they are diverse in style yet you can still spot some of the common issues and themes being touched on as well.

I probably have missed some of the videos especially from the first competition in 2011 because the UK High Commission have changed their website and removed the Digital Scrapbook page. So feel free to comment if I missed any videos.


Ijjojji Bin Nordin
Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

Mohamad Rusydi Haji Roseli
Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

Siti Amalina Haji Mohd Jaafar
University of Surrey

Haji Mohammad Alimin Haji Matyassin
University of Kent

Mohammad Khairi Ihsannudin Isnon bin Ismail
University of Sheffield

Hj Ahmad Faiz bin Hj Abdul Rahim
University of Nottingham

Dk Nur Amrina Bte Pg Abd Aziz
Headington School Oxford

Nadzuan Bin Narawi
University of Nottingham

Click More for older entries from 2012 and 2011


Awangku Muhammad Afiq Pengiran Haji Ismail, Abdul Amsyar Bin Hj Mohammad and Lei Jian Liang
University of Glasgow

Mohamad Harris bin Haji Ahmad
Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

Mohamed Nawawi bin Bolhasan
University of Kent

Muhammad Wafiy bin Mahadi
University of Leicester

Noor Azimah Binti Hj Mohd Jaafar
Shrewsbury School

Milzam bin Dr Hj Morsidi
University of Kent

Nurra Ahmad


Siti Amalina Haji Mohd Jaafar
University of Leicester


Fiona Fung
University of Salford

Ahmad Hanif Haji Buang
University of Kent

Ahmad Arif Haji Buang
University of Kent

Azimah Zaili

Viviana Metussin
University of Kent

Cheah Wan Yapp
King’s College London



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