Brunei Darussalam – From Constitution to National Day

In between watching the teaser for Chris Nolan’s Interstellar and participating in the Brunei National Day celebration, I had an idea for this little video in my head where we would go on a quick journey from the old days to the present time where we celebrate our national day every year.

So I grabbed whatever clips/footage/videos that I can quickly find online and edited this short video. If only I could access the treasure trove of historical footage in the archives of RTB.

Music: Interstellar Teaser Trailer – Hans Zimmer(?)


Brunei Celebrates – Malay Film Unit (1958)

50 Years Brunei’s Written Constitution – Balai Berita RTB (2009)

BRUNEI – 29th National Day Film – Reza, Arif Sablee, Ajek30, Adi A Sarbini (2013)

Brunei Tourism Promotional Video – Brunei Tourism (2012)

Giant national flag rises 110 feet above the capital – Rudolf Portillo & Saiful Omar, Brunei Times (2014)


Inspiration/based on the brilliant Interstellar teaser trailer


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