The Walking Dead is literally the new LOST


So the third season of The Walking Dead finished recently and I can’t help feel a sense of deja vu at the whole series so far. No, it’s not because I’ve read the comic books from which the show is based on – there are several significant changes to the characters and the plot structure to make it distinct enough from the source material.

Then I realized that I’ve seen this story on television before! The show was called LOST.


Let’s break it down shall we

NOTE: I’ve read the two compendiums of Walking Dead graphic novels – that’s 96 issues. Plus I know bits and pieces of things that happened beyond that. The Walking Dead comics came before Lost but I can’t help but notice the similarities of the TV show (not the comics) to Lost. And this is mostly just for fun.


The intense borderline crazy reluctant leader/hero

TV Lincoln 1

So we started with the hero of the story waking up in a new world. Rick is a cop and Jack is a doctor. Both are good men with good intentions but the weight of being thrust into a leadership role took a toll on them.

  • They became crazy and started seeing ghosts – Rick saw his dead wife while Jack saw his dead father.
  • They’re both intense and at various times looked really messed up – all sweaty and sleep deprived.
  • They eventually got too much into the whole ‘being a leader’ thing that they became authoritarian. Rick made his “this isn’t a democracy speech” while Jack was just being a control freak.

And they both were clearly going for the Emmys with their epic crying moments (Jack cried more than Rick though)

Along the way, our hero met several characters from different ethnic backgrounds such as:

The black dad who can’t stop talking about his son

Morgan was a heartbreaking character. So was Michael until he can’t shut up about his son for a whole season! WALT!! WALT!! Where’s ma BOY! WALT! He took my son! He took ma Son! I’m getting my son back! WALT! WALT!

The Southern Bad Boy with a heart of gold

Daryl was not exactly a people’s person while Sawyer was the sarcastic name-calling asshole who’s just looking out for himself. But it turned out that they were just two misunderstood souls who had tragic childhoods. They both became fan favourites – mostly to the ladies.


And they had useless episodes where they went out looking for something for an entire hour. Daryl went out looking for a missing girl, Sophia and a Cherokee Rose. Sawyer went hunting for a boar and an annoying tree frog. No seriously, Sawyer hunted down a tree frog for an episode.

An Asian guy

One spoke English and the other one (initially) didn’t.


Then Rick/Jack faced their greatest challenge – A stupid love triangle with a frustrating female character in the middle.


But hold on for a second! It’s time for a plot download!


Rick and the gang found the CDC and its lone resident, Dr. Jenner. Meanwhile, Jack and co met Desmond in a old experimental station. They both showed videos that somewhat explained what’s going on. And both places had a doomsday countdown clock too!


Both places went KABOOM!!


In season 2, the heroes met a new group of survivors including a vet/dentist turned doctor.

But they mostly died anyway except for the old vet/dentist/doctor guy.

OMG! One character is pregnant! But we don’t know who the daddy is. We need Maury!

For Lori, it’s either Rick or Shane. For Sun, it’s either her husband Jin or this Asian Lex Luthor looking guy who she slept with before coming to the Island.

Not so subtle imagery of Life and Death

Lori died but not before giving birth to Judith. In Lost, Claire gave birth to Aaron while Damon turns into a vampire Boone died.

Our heroes captured and beat up a bad guy to find out that there were more bad guys out there.

Randall told Daryl that he’s with a group of raiders and rapists. Meanwhile, ‘Henry Gale’ told Jack and the survivors that the leader of ‘The Others’ is “not a forgiving man”


In season 3, we finally met THE BIG BAD GUY!


But he ain’t that bad….he just sucked at taking care of his daughter that’s all.


No wait, he was bad! He wanted to destroy our heroes!

Luckily, we had a new badass female character on our side


But at the price of ruining another female character who’s been there since the beginning.


Meanwhile, one female character didn’t do anything other than taking care of the baby.


It all culminated in a big battle where the bad guys fell for a trap set up by the heroes.


Hooray!! They have won the battle for now.




Taking what we know in the comics and what happened in LOST after season 3, we can map out what could happen in The Walking Dead TV show.


Season 4 of LOST pitted the survivors against a group of mercenaries. The Governor is still alive so expect him to round up more dangerous people to fight Rick and the gang.

Season 4 of Lost also introduced a really smart character named Daniel Faraday. Could the fourth season of Walking Dead see the introduction of Eugene? Then we might have a reason for them to leave the prison to go to Washington DC

Season 5 saw the survivors get off the Island and back to the real world and goes back again to the Island while others travel around in time. Yup, lots of moving around so expect the fifth season of Walking Dead to be a road trip from the Prison to Washington DC.

Just like how Sawyer and the gang settled down in Dharmaville, Rick and the crew will settle at Alexandria Safezone.

Finally we go to season 6 where Jack and the survivors battled the Man in Black. How about a Rick vs Negan story for season 6 of Walking Dead?


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