New chapter to my Brunei superhero saga

A bit overdue but the NEW CHAPTER to my superhero story is here!

Set in a heightened reality/fictional/alternate version of Brunei, GUARDIANS OF DARUSSALAM is a story of an ordinary boy named ADAM who gained super strength after an encounter with a magical giant archer fish – just like the legend of Brunei’s mythical hero, Awang Semaun. Initially reluctant, Adam soon finds the hero within him and set out to become a superhero known as CAPTAIN BRUNEI.

Together with his allies, they plan to stop criminal forces and uphold DARUSSALAM – the Abode of Peace

This latest chapter is the sixth entry in a still on-going story.


Titled ‘NISA‘, it is set four months after the previous chapter.

A rape case involving a young girl sets off a chain of events that led our heroes – the two local superheroes (Captain Brunei & Balau Man), the police and others – to uncover an underground criminal operation.

Rated Mature for violence, profanities and theme

You can read the chapter by clicking HERE or the image above.


NOTE: This is the Sixth Chapter of an ongoing story with many characters and events. It would be useful to read the previous chapters. Don’t worry, the first four chapters are really short.

You can find more on the Guardians of Darussalam site.


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