Before Midnight trailer

In Before Sunrise (1995), Jesse and Celine (played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy respectively) met on a train in Europe. Jesse was going to Vienna to catch a plane from there to America. They both decided to spend a day together exploring the city of Vienna while having deep conversations about life and love. They eventually fall in love but had part ways because of Jesse’s flight the next morning. They agreed to meet at Vienna in six months but they unfortunately did not fulfill the promise due to unforeseen circumstances.

Nine years later in Before Sunset (2004), they met in Paris. Both characters have moved on with their lives – Jesse was having a lifeless marriage while Celine had relationship difficulties with her boyfriend. They expressed their regrets in life and rekindled their feelings for each other.

Now it’s 2013 – nine years after the last film – Jesse and Celine are back in Before Midnight. We meet them during their summer holiday in Greece with their kids and friends. Expect them to have meaningful conversation about their mid-life crises and re-evaluating their long term relationship.

I loved the first one and loved the second one even more. I thought the first one was sweet and interesting. But I felt that the dialogues were more natural and the chemistry between the two lead was better in the sequel.

Heard many good reviews for the third movie from film festivals such as Sundance – with some calling it a masterpiece.

I personally cannot wait to watch it.

Release: May 24, 2013


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