MAYAT BERJALAN – Bruneian The Walking Dead style opening

Had this thought about what an opening for a Walking Dead style series set in Brunei would look like. So I quickly made this, admittedly, really rough version of a Bruneian Walking Dead style opening. I may or may not do a better version in the future….or perhaps someone else out there would make one.

The aim was to present an idea of a zombie apocalypse happening in Brunei without showing any zombies. So I rounded up real images that can imply such event:

  • the recent massive tyre burning at Bukit Udal
  • car caught on fire at Menglait
  • RIPAS ambulance
  • UBD paramedics in training
  • News headline on H1N1 pandemic
  • Boy wearing a mask in the mosque during SARS outbreak
  • The huge crowd trying to get into the stadium during the Brunei vs Indonesia football tournament final
  • Lastly (my favourite image courtesy of Ranoadidas), two police guarding the stadium gates with a lot of people still outside.


  • The Bruneian Flag at my front yard – shot with a FLIP Camera
  • A clearing filled with litter near a dump site. Shot with a phone camera
  • Me walking with a hammer and ‘attacked’ by a ‘zombie’. Shot with a phone camera

The last two footage were unplanned. I was clearing the area with my dad and I was randomly thinking ‘hmmm, what if I try to shoot something for a zombie show intro here and see if I can get some cool stuff’. Hence the use of a camera phone.

Music: Walking Dead opening title – Bear McCreary

PS: “Mayat Berjalan” is the best translation I could come up with


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