Olympus Has Fallen Trailer

It’s Die Hard meets Red Dawn with a dose of Michael Bay explosive mayhem!

Two Face as the President

So Aaron Eckhart plays the US president in this movie…to which I say, “It’s about damn time!” I’ve always thought that Eckhart has that All- American Robert Redford/Harrison Ford type of thing going on so him being the president kinda fits for me.

And who gets to be the acting President when Eckhart gets captured? None other than Morgan Freeman.

UN Security Council roll call

“I want to talk to the Russians, the Chinese, the British and the French. In THAT order,” says Morgan Freeman in the trailer. Shouldn’t they talk to the Chinese first before the Russians? Considering that China is the next emerging superpower and the fact that the terrorists in the movie are Asian-looking.

North Korea

The villains are actually North Koreans. And the guy who plays their leader played another North Korean villain in Pierce Brosnan’s last 007 movie, Die Another Day. Talk about typecasting!

Gerard Butler saving the President….like in Escape from New York!

In this movie, Gerard Butler is the only person who can save the US President. Ironically, Gerard Butler was considered for the role of Snake Plissken in the remake of Escape From New York. And what was the plot of that movie? Yup, it’s about rescuing the US President.

Not Channing Tatum

I actually never even heard about ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ before this trailer came out. But I have heard about another upcoming film that has a similar plot. In ‘White House Down’ coming in June this year, Channing Tatum plays an agent that has to protect the president (played by Jamie Foxx) from terrorists that’s taking over the White House.

Olympus Has Fallen is coming out this March.


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