Chick Flicks that I’m not bothered by

I don’t hate romantic movies/chick flick, I just don’t prefer it. I do watch them and I’ll usually end up enjoying them but I’m not dying to see any of them immediately. You can bet that I can tell you about the many major movies coming out this year or next year but I’ll definitely be clueless if you mention a new Kate Hudson/Katherine Heigl romantic comedy or something (they all look the same anyway)

However, I’m definitely not a cynical bastard and there are few romantic movies/chick flick that I do love. Since Valentine is coming up, here’s some of my favourite romantic movies that I can think of on top of my head. Open the gates!! Let out my softer side!!! 😛

NOTE: ‘The Notebook’ isn’t one of them, sorry.

500 Days of Summer

The tagline for the movie sums it up perfectly: This is not love story, this is a story about love. I see it as the story about Life. There may be some heartbreaking moments but it is not a heartbreaking story. As a matter of fact I see it as an uplifting movie where the main character has a moment of reflection and finally saw the moments where the relationship soured. The climatic scene where they meet at the park rarely happens in real life but they should. Every person deserves a sense of closure – leaving someone emotionally/mentally hanging after a break up is not recommended despite it being really easy to blame others for everything that went wrong.

Before Sunrise/Before Sunset

A guy and girl met at Vienna by chance and decided to spend the rest of the day in the city just before they had to go their separate ways. All day, they talked about life, love, regrets and everything. ‘Before Sunrise’ is about taking a leap of faith in bonding with a someone you just met (even if it’s a creepy looking Ethan Hawke). Life is measured by the people you meet so don’t take people for granted…you may never know how special that person might be. But how do I know for sure? You don’t and that’s why it’s a leap of faith…you won’t know until you take that leap.

Before Sunset is set 9 years after the first movie where the same characters met and spend a day in Paris. The sequel has better dialogues and also much more depressing as they face the harsh reality of life.


I am man enough to admit that this loving tribute to classic Disney princess genre is one of my favourite movie. Princess Giselle (played by the lovely Amy Adams) represent those over the top people brainwashed by the romantic crap from movies. These people should get smacked back to reality by the realistic people represented by Patrick Dempsey. However, just like anything in this world, being in an extreme end of things are not the way to go. In the end, you have to be both realistic and idealistically romantic to make things work. So the moral of the story is that girls shouldn’t always expect to be treated like a princess. BUT it is also always nice for a guy to, once in a while, just go ahead and treat her like one ESPECIALLY when the girl had been nice enough to stuck up with you. See it as a reward and girls will always appreciate it.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Julia Roberts finds out that her old friend that she’s in love with is marrying another girl. OH NO!! GO JULIA ROBERTS!! STOP THE WEDDING!! Oh wait…the main heroine is a bitch and trying to ruin a nice girl’s wedding!! That’s the fun thing about the movie because you’re rooting for Julia Roberts even though you know it’s wrong. Love is not an absolute concrete thing, it actually takes in many forms and degrees. Sure, you may end up spending a significant amount of your life sharing with one person but that doesn’t entirely diminish what others have meant to you. All we have to do is sort out the feelings and decide which one is best for you. There was no denying from both Julia Roberts and her longtime friend that the thing they shared all this time was something special. But the guy have sorted out his feelings and decided that Cameron Diaz is the right girl he wants to marry. It may have looked like a defeat for Julia Roberts in the end but she learned how to let go and hopefully find what her friend found in Cameron Diaz.

Did I just spoiled the movie?? Who cares, go watch it. It’s an enjoyable movie.


Will Smith plays Hitch, the ‘love doctor’ who helps the King of Queens guy get a Paris Hilton type girl. Now Hitch isn’t one of those sleazy douchbag-looking pickup artists you always see on tv…no no no, this is a nice charming guy who genuinely helps the underdogs get the girl they love. Of course, it IS a romantic comedy so you must have the ‘love doctor’ fall in love with a girl who’s cynical about men. Hilarity ensues. Good flick for both chicks and dudes


This movie deals with fate. In a larger context, fate and free will is just the same thing. I watched Serendipity at a particular night at a particular place because I chose to come and study here which was made possible because of the grades that I worked hard for. It was my choices that led me to that particular cold night watching the movie. Yet, I also believed it was fate, I was meant to lazy around on a couch watching Serendipity while it was snowing outside. Why? It was your choice and you could’ve chosen another path? I could’ve but I didn’t. What if you made a different choice and end up somewhere else? Doesn’t matter because it didn’t happen. Life is an interplay between fate and free will. You decide Love and Love decides you but never ever let one side fully dictate your life. Fate can be explained in many ways but never ever listen to the explanation made by those who uses it as an excuse for laziness. Like I said in Enchanted, being in an extreme end of things are not the way to go.

Wait, I haven’t even mentioned about the movie!! Ummm…Serendipity is a good movie. It has John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. Go watch it.


“What was the last chick flick you watched in theatres?”
“…….that’s NOT A CHICK FLICK!!”
“Yes it is!”
“No! It’s a cartoon!”

Wall-E is not an environmental movie at its core. It is a romantic story set against a backdrop of an environmental message. Sure, Wall-E saved the world in the end but actually the primary motivation that drove this lonely robot throughout the movie was simply the desire to be loved. Listen ladies, guys would do anything for a girl. Worst case scenario: Guys do stupid things and embarrass themselves. Best case scenario: Guy would bring out the best in him all because of a girl. Because of a girl, Wall-E saved the world. What would your man do for you? Or better yet, have you really appreciated what your man had done for you? Think about it.

When Harry Met Sally

“Can a guy and a girl be good friends?” That was a question a friend of mine have asked because her friend didn’t believe in such thing. I say yes but it can be tricky because things might develop into something more than friendship. It could end up well if you’re lucky but usually it just turn into an emotional mess but hey! that depends on how the two of you decide to deal/play with it.

This movie deals with that question and much more….and it’s a hilarious movie too!! It is one of my favourite movie and I don’t know where to begin in writing about it (PLUS I’m tired of writing this post :-P…I’m not that passionate about writing on romance & relationship 😐 ). So I’ll just bombard you with clips:

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete with this scene:


And one more thing:     I’m single


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