Where have I been… part II


Touchdown in Brunei…good to be home….wait…what’s this? a black van appeared out nowhere at the airport parking…three masked men rushed out..put a bag over my head and took me to an unknown location…WTF?!


Hello there! Haven’t heard from you for awhile

*wakes up* wtf?… WTF! Where am I?! Who are you?!

I’m just an interviewer

An interviewer? What kind of interviewer are you huh? Kidnapped me…

Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine…

and tied me to this freakin chair! And put me in this dark room?! WTF!

Don’t worry…we just want a chat with you. So how’s everything?

Fine fine..just finished my exams and..by the way, I passed, well, not that you care…


..and I’m back home and..oh yeah, and I’m now tied to a chair being forced to do an interviewer with you..whoever you are, so yeah, everything is FINE~

So now that you have nothing to do, I guess you’re returning to blogging right?

I don’t know and why should you care?

So you’re busy with other things then?

Not really..aside from being tied up!

..but you’re doing things other than blogging right? I mean..If I remember correctly, you started the blog because you were in a long holiday..

Yeah, school ended and I was waiting for to get to Uni  and..

And you were bored out of your mind and so you created the blog..

Yeah exactly..

..Trylobyte’s Corner on wordpress

..boredom leads to creativity, that’s what I like to say..I think I’ve wrote that somewhere in my blog or maybe it was in the old blog..

You are referring to the old MSN space page right?

Yeah..this one…’Boredom leads to creativity’ one of those stupid random quotes I like to say..wait how the hell do you know that? How the hell do you know a lot of things about my blog?

Because I’ve followed your blog for a long time, you could say I’m the biggest fan of your blog

Biggest fan? Hahaha..you? A fan?

What? You don’t appreciate your readers?

I do but a fan? A fan of this blog? THAT IS JUST SAD

You don’t believe that there is someone who is fan of your blog?

nop…People search, they stumble upon posts I’ve made, they read it, they enjoyed it..well, i hope they did..and then they leave AND THAT is how things go with this place…no fans

I’m sorry to hear your pessimistic view

Well good for you, so~ mr.’Fanboy’..why don’t you untie me and let me go

I can’t do that

why not?

because I have few things to ask you…you know…catching up on things…


Click more to see the rest of this odd interview as Trylobyte touches on various topics such as Twitter, Facebook, TV and other random stuff. AND find out the shocking end of the interview that you just have to read it yourself to believe!!!


So it seems like you’ve neglected this blog for other things such as this thing that people have been talking about…umm what is it? Twitter right?

you know I have a Twitter account?

Yeah you put your Twitter feed on the blog

I know but I thought people wouldn’t notice it

Well considering that you changed the whole layout and look of your blog recently…it’s pretty easy to notice that there’s a brand new twitter feed on the sidebar

Yeah, I guess so

I remember you wrote “”Well, I’m a sucker for cats” “No, you’re just a sucker PERIOD” on your twitter..what was that about?

Out of all the questions you could ask about my twitter, this is the first one?

Hahaha I’m just curious. That tweet was dated June 9th

That was a quote made by my friend…just one of those things to piss me off for her own amusement..i recalled it one night and thought about how funny and lame it was so I decided to post it on twitter

Hehe see.. now I know why you’re now on twitter…you can just write some short random stuff while you can’t really do that in the blog

Well you can if you want to but I think that would be a waste


Exactly. So how did the whole twitter thing started for you? Did a friend recommend it to you or something?

Not really, i mean, I’ve known about twitter for a long time and like many other so called social network stuff in the internet I just couldn’t be bothered with it.

So why the change of heart?



Hehe but seriously..umm..you see everyone is on twitter now..like all the major websites that I regularly visit..they’re all like “oh follow us on twitter for updates” and that’s what I did.

And turned out you did much more than following…you actually made several updates

Yeah and the funny thing was that my first post or tweet or whatever you call it..update..my first update was “I’m on twitter….let’s see how long can this last” and that was back in March

That was four months ago and what’s interesting is that reading your earlier updates, you made a lot of tweets related to LOST

Yeah i was thinking about making it sort of like a live blogging/update on my reactions while watching the episodes but then I stopped coz its more enjoyable to just sit back, relax and just enjoy it


Now the fourth season of LOST has ended..

Fifth season..

Sorry fifth season..now the fifth season of LOST has ended, what was  your overall impression of this penultimate season..am i right? It’s the penultimate..

Yeah it’s the second to last one, next year’s gonna be the final season

tawaret statue

Right, so season 5…thoughts?

I thought it was really good season overall..perhaps it’s the craziest season yet, i mean, this season, the sci fi elements that the show have hinted in the past 4 seasons just comes out full blown…you have time travel and electromagnetic pocket of energy negated by hydrogen bombs and stuff…it’s crazy. AND more amazing is that despite all these crazy sci fi stuff, you still have great character stories…most notably about Ben’s and Sawyer’s story arc… and Jack too, total transformation for that character..and Locke who’s supposedly dead

Supposedly? You see his body dumped out of the crate by Illana and the gang

Yeah but come on~ this is Locke, he’s pathetic and all but you need to redeem him

Well I think he served his purpose..a sad old man obsessed with being someone he’s not and as a result became a pawn for the mysterious Dark Man

But Jacob touched him when he fell off that building so he must be special and Locke made that drawing of him getting attacked by the black smoke monster when he was a kid..so he’s special

I was wondering about that Jacob touching the survivors in the past. What did you think about that?

I don’t know…but Jacob met them for a purpose of course and we still don’t know what that is. It reminds me of the book by Stephen King, The Stand…like two sides good and evil building up their respective army.

What about Ben?

What about him? 😛


Hahahaha…he’s fast becoming my favourite…i think he’s going to be the tragic anti hero figure..you know, like Snape in the Harry Potter series.


How you would rank Season 5 among the past seasons?


Wow! You liked the fourth more than the fifth season

Yeah..season 4 had a faster pace and introduced great characters like Daniel, Miles, Frank, Keamy and even Charlotte. And it has the best season finale so far too with seeing how the oceanic 6 got rescued..had that finality feeling to it.


Back in February you wrote a post titled “A post about the lack of posts” which basically just list down things you did that made you forget about blogging for like what? A month?

Yeah about a month with no updates

Right and I notice one of things you listed was Facebook

Ah yes..that wonderful thing called Facebook..

Well..THAT is debatable

I was being sarcastic

Oh ok hehe…anyway, so how the hell did you get sucked into Facebook…I mean, knowing you, you’re not that type of social network type of guy

Two words: peer pressure

Haha so you had that feeling of wanted to belong

No not really..it’s more like my friends forcing me to open an account

And you let them?

Well i didn’t mind, you know, fuck it, open it then, someone opened a Friendster account for me and I barely touch that for 6 years. So I thought things would probably be the same with Facebook

But it wasn’t

Yeah it wasn’t LOL

Well, i just found your very first status update on facebook, “held at gunpoint by his friends so that he can FINALLY open a Facebook account”

Haha..you have nothing better to do than stalking people don’t you?

I guess so…how do you find it?

Find what?


Oo yeah..ummm..it’s ok i guess

You’re not addicted to it aren’t you?

No absolutely not

Oh ok, i was just asking because judging from the amount of facebook quizzes and Texas Holdem Poker achievements..I had an idea that..

Ok wait wait…how the hell do you know all of this?!!


Yeah but I mean..how the fuck do you know about my facebook profile?! I don’t know you, you’re not even in my friends list?

I have my sources

Great..just great~~

facebook comic

Anyway, Facebook..Pros and cons?

I guess the con is how scary can it be…like I can tell you right now who’s depress, who’s happy, who’s having some kind of problem, who’s fighting with who, who’s dating who, what did that person say to that person bla blah…and that is just me, a guy who only see things in his facebook homepage live feed…imagine those other people who occasionally stalk or lurk into people’s pictures and profiles…just imagine how much information they have

Who’s fighting with who? You know who’s fighting who from facebook?

Well ok fine, maybe not but you get my point right?

Haha yea yeah i know…you’re talking about privacy and stuff


So what’s the pros?

I guess connecting with friends…the noble intention of any social network

Especially old friends that you haven’t seen for awhile

Yeah exactly

Did you have any experience like that?

Ummm…yeah i did…an old friend that i haven’t seen for about ten years added me..yea.. that was..um..that was surprising

Oh really?

It was someone i knew back in…like someone I haven’t met for ten years and i asked her few questions because i wasn’t really sure if it was the right person…but it was pretty much confirmed when she asked the ‘killer question’

‘killer question’? what was that?

She asked if I used to like humming the theme song to ‘Rocko’s modern life’ back in elementary school

HAhaha..you can’t get any more specific than that


TV Show

I remember that cartoon, Rocko’s modern life, that was a cool show

Yup and they don’t make cartoons like they used to

I agree. So any TV shows you’re watching besides LOST of course

Umm..nop…well..actually yeah..i do have a tv show that i watch besides….i started watching Supernatural

Oh cool..is it good?

It’s good…i think it gets better with each season

Cool i guess i have to start watching then..starting from season 1

Well i started watching in season 3…saw few episodes in season 1 and 2 before to get some idea of the plot

See that’s the problem, i haven’t seen any shit from Supernatural..i only know that its about two good looking brothers hunting vampires..


Yeah, same thing

Not really 😛


There’s another tv show called the Fringe

Oh yeah, I watched that too. Pretty cool..it’s like X-files

Yeah..thought you might be interested…it’s from JJ abrams

I was thinking about starting with Battlestar Galactica, you know, now that the series is over but i already know the ending so..

So? It’s not about the ending it’s about the journey

True but already knowing the ending sort of makes you lazy to go and watch four seasons of that show….because imagine me watching a filler slow episode in the early season of battlestar galactic knowing that *Spoiler* that hot chick in red dress that baltar see is actually an angel and God’s plan for Baltar is to save that half human half cylon little girl who will give birth to modern man

I get what you mean

Which is why i think between now and January next year is the best time for people to catch up on LOST, especially for those who haven’t seen it yet…because once the final season or final episode airs around May next year then everyone’s going to talk about it and it would ruin it for those new viewers.


I mean just imagine some new LOST viewer is watching a season 1 episode and i tell them..just concentrate on these 7 survivors coz the rest are not important to the grand scheme of things

Well you don’t know that…there is still one more season to go and anything can happen

True but you get my point right?



I know you’re a movie geek..

Not really..

Fine, i guess a movie fan is a more appropriate term..

Yeah whatever..

..so tell me what are your favourite movies?

If you’re a hardcore fan of my blog like you claimed to be, then I’m sure you know what my favourite movies are

You’re right..I do remember you listed down some of your favourite movies in your ‘About page’

Exactly..that’s enough to give you an idea of the range of movies I like

Let me quote your list:

Die Hard, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, The Rock, Transformers, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Children of Men, V for Vendetta, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, 2001 Space Odyssey, The Fountain, The Matrix, Shawshank Redemption, Jurassic Park, Borat, The original Star Wars trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Sin City, 300, Truman Show, First Blood, Batman Begins, Spiderman 2, Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Finding Nemo, Blood Diamond and Transporter 2!!(more of a guilty pleasure/LMAO movie to watch).

So is that the definitive list?

Not really, i mean, that list is more about getting across the idea of what sort of movies that I enjoyed. For example, I put ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ there and it doesn’t mean it’s one of my all time favourites but I just enjoyed it, I responded well to it.

Yeah and for Transporter 2 you elaborated that it was a ‘guilty pleasure’

See, that’s the difficult thing about rating a movie..the question is whether you rate them as a ‘good/bad’ movie OR as a ‘I enjoyed it/boring’ movie. Casablanca is a good movie but I’ll probably watch Michael Bay’s The Rock more than that movie

And you rated The Rock higher than Casablanca

What rating?

Your Flixster ratings..you gave The Rock a 5 stars while Casablanca got a 4.5 stars. You wrote:

The Rock

One of the best action movie ever. Seen it dozen of times and never get bored of it. NEVER….well so far.

– Good cast: Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery having a good chemistry, Ed Harris brings some depth as a villain and even Michael Biehn was cool for a short while.

– Exciting action scenes: the hummer vs Ferrari chase, mine cart gun fight, shootout at the end.

– Heart pumping soundtrack: Easily THE acton movie theme for me. Dundun Dundun Dun DUN! Dundun Dundun dun DUN!!


A little slow in the beginning but the movie managed to hook me throughout with its clever dialogues and interesting historical setting (in morocco with european refugees fleeing from Nazi rule during WWII). I liked Captain Renault.

First my Twitter then my Facebook and now my Flixster…

It was part of my ‘research’..anyway, I think your list of favourite movies on your Flixster page is more definitive than the one in your blog

You could say it that way

And you also have another list about your guilty pleasure movies

Hahaha!! yeah..I think Transporter 2 is in that list

actually there are a lot things in the list from Street Fighter the movie to ‘Komodo vs Cobra’

hahah that was one of those stupid movies you watch in the afternoon on Cinemax when you’ve  got nothing else to do. In Her Line Of Fire’ aka “Airforce Two” is another example of those type of movies. This one is about a group of plane crash survivors, led by a badass vice president and a tough lesbian CIA agent, findng themselves in enemy territory.

But what separates a guilty pleasure movie with a genuinely bad movie?

I think a genuinely bad movie bores you or it’s just plain stupid and not in a fun way.

So if a movie doesn’t take itself seriously then it’s considered ‘good’ for you?

but it has to be enjoyable..there’s a difference between laughably bad and just plain bad


Komodo vs Cobra = laughably bad…D-War = plain bad….Meet the Spartans = laughably bad…Disaster Movie = plain bad

Any upcoming movies you’re looking forward to?

hmmm..District 9 is coming and I heard lots of good stuff about that movie..the teaser trailer blew me away probably because I didn’t expect much..i knew it was about aliens and thats it. I didn’t know about the short film it was based on nor the documentary style.

I guess District 9 is your next targeted movie..

there are others like Where the Wild Things Are..loved the book when I was a kid…one of those books that you remember picking up from the bookshelf in your Elementary school classroom or library. I also want to watch ‘500 Days of Summer which seems to be a great romantic comedy

It’s not a entirely comedy though..it’s actually about a break up

yea i know that and I think it’s probably gonna be one of those more realistic romantic movies…like the guy in the trailer said, “this is not a lovestory but a story about love

..and then there is ‘Avatar’..

ooo the James Cameron movie!

yeah..everybody is excited about that ofcourse ‘Nuff said!!

And the Expendables in 2010 starring Stallone and Statham. I remember you wrote a post about that movie a while ago...is that still in your anticipated movie list?

Definitely! You have Stallone, Jason Statham trasnporter guy, Jet li..Dolph Lundgren! Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Couture the UFC guy…who else? Mickey Rourke! Eric Roberts!!! And Arnold Schwarzenegger gonna make a cameo!!


That’s a ball ripping cast right there!!


One of the movies that you’ve followed through your blog was the live action adaptation of Dragon Ball

yea I’ve made several posts about it..

..actually, one of your very first post in this blog was about Dragon Ball

yeah, that was when they have just announced Chatwin as Goku and Marsters as Piccolo..

yes, back in November 2007

Shit! that was two years ago..

I understand that you got many hits because of your Dragon Ball posts

yeah..I think by that time not a lot people know about the Dragon Ball live action so fortunately many people who did googled about it stumbled upon my page

I believe your Dragon Ball post gets the most hits

It used to, yeah..

So have you seen the movie yet?


why not?

I’ll probably watch it when it comes up on tv or something

No…you must watch now?


because you have to

…and why~ is that?

You’ve talked about the Dragon Ball movie ever since you started this blog ; you got lots of hits for posting casting news and behind the scenes pictures of the movies..So~ I think this movie deserves to get viewed and be written a review by you..

yeah but that was back when I thought the movie wasn’t going to suck!! I accepted them for hiring Chatwin and Marsters and Emmy Rossum for the movie..and Goku in Highschool plotline? sucks! but oh well it’s not gonna be a large part of the movie anyway so its ok AND THEN I saw the trailer and it sucked!! BUT at least it will be entertaining…AND finally saw some clips…BAD ACTING, BAD SCRIPT…and the movie got into my ‘will-wait-for-it-to-appear-on-tv’ list

BUT YOU MUST WATCH IT AND WRITE ABOUT IT!! Finish what you started almost two years ago when you were building the hype about themovie on your blog.

ok listen..

*points a gun* Watch or I’ll shoot

ok ok..look, first you untie me…then I’ll watch it later..


as soon as possible..

Oh what are you gonna do?! Log in to Twitter? I’m not gonna let that happen, do you know how?

no i don’t know how and I don’t want to know..

I’m gonna sabotage your twitter with DOS attack


Denial of service

Why are you doing this? seriously, why the fuck are you doing this?!

Because I’m trying to force you back to the right path

what right path?! WTF?!

Blogging…go back to blogging…go back to this blog of yours…now watch dragon ball and write a review on it

Ok…I will eventually, I promise..ok? I’ve got other things to do…

Like what?!!

well to begin with, I have a BBQ to attend to..





To be Continue??????


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