Where have I been…part I

About a year ago, I made a post about my flight from Brunei to London. Well here I am again doing the same thing but this time it’s my flight BACK from London.


Note: Recalling from memory. Times are in UK time (GMT)

10.15am – Was suppose to take off at 9.40 but was delayed by some problem with air traffic control. Dozed off for about 20 minute only to wake up and realize we haven’t even taken off yet 🙄

11.30am – Above Frankfurt – Browsing through the music library that the airline provided. Aha! ABBA’s greatest hits! It’s surprising how most people, whether he/she is a fan or not, instantly recognize at least one or two ABBA song…that’s how legendary they were. Speaking of ABBA, I still haven’t seen Mama Mia!

1.48pm – woke up and ABBA’s greatest hits album just finished with the last song Holy Crap! that was a long album and I slept through half of it!

3pm – Approaching Iraq from the north – mosul – kurdistan area. This is new..flying over Iraq…I remember last year on my Dubai-london flight, we had to bypass Iraq by turning to Saudi Arabia and then over to Syria/Lebanon to get to Turkey. I guess things have changed. As we were entering Iraq I was, coincidentally, listening to ‘Rides of the Valkyries’ – Richard Wagner – surreal and Epic at the same time.

3.20pm – flying near Baghdad – listening to ‘What a wonderful world’ Louie Armstrong – too bad I didn’t get the window seat…I wanted to take a peek at Iraq.

5pm – Landed at Dubai and it was about 8pm local time

6pm – Leaving Dubai…too broke to shop there 😛

8pm – Approaching India – Gujarat – Very tired and decided to relax a little…played some relaxing classical music – was sleeping for awhile, listening to ‘Con te partiro’…recognized the music that Will Ferrell movie ‘Blades of Glory‘ …until I woke up instantaneously because I smell food…yup hunger over overrides drowsiness

11pm – woke up and my back hurts….no music coming out of my headphone…i guess the Phil Collins greatest hits album i was listening to just finished….I couldn’t go back to sleep no matter how much I’ve tried….oh well, time to watch a movie….hmmm…no standouts from the list…The International with Clive Owen? heard it’s good but not in a mood for heady stuff….12 Rounds? it’s a JOHN CENA MOVIE!! probably too mindless….I decided with  ‘Taken’ starring Liam Neeson.

Liam plays an ex-super agent badass who’s now retired and having problems with his ex-wife. The movie started with Liam buying a karaoke set for his 17 year old daughter, played by Lost’s Maggie Grace who’s not really 17. Initially she’s overjoyed that her dad bought her a karaoke set (acting all jumpy and annoying like a stereotypical 17 year old) until her rich step dad (played by that guy from 24) comes in and bought a better present….a brand new car? nope..a FREAKIN HORSE!!! by that time, I didn’t know whether this was a really really bad movie or a work of genius

Of course I forgot about all the bad acting and lame dialogue when Maggie got kidnapped in France and it’s up to Liam to save the day. The rest of the film is all about Liam being Jason Bourne and killing everyone that gets in waw between him and his daughter. And that fact alone made it worthwhile.

1pm – Above Cambodia – listening to ‘Fortunate son’ Creedence Clearwater Revival – how appropriate…btw the music was randomly selected

2pm/9am Brunei time – Touchdown in Brunei…good to be home….wait…what’s this? a black van appeared out nowhere at the airport parking…three masked men rushed out..put a bag over my head and took me to an unknown location…WTF?!



2 thoughts on “Where have I been…part I

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  2. Not to mention the extreme “Europhobia” prevalent in the entire film. Not the film you wanna show a paranoid redneck..for sure!

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