The Expendables

Those old school in-your-face action movies are guilty pleasures for me which is why I can’t wait for this upcoming action movie called the ‘The Expendables’ written and to be directed by Sylvester Stallone.

The Expendables

As you can see from the very early teaser poster above, you have three big action stars as “a team of mercenaries on a mission to overthrow a South American dictator“. Yup, a simple plot…three guys…jungle…explosions…and probably a really evil dictator. Wait, make that four guys because Dolph Lundgren has been recently announced to join as well. Pure old school action film so expect a Predator, Commando and Rambo vibe into it. Let’s look at the stars: you have the aging action hero with a huge comeback, a European goliath, a tough british guy and a slick Asian guy. Who’s next to join? Steven Seagal? Arnold?

There is a rumour that Jean Claude Van Damme was offered a role in the movie but he turned it down. It’s a shame though because with all the rave reviews he gets from his new movie, JCVD, he should use that as a spring board to blast back into the action movie scene and this Stallone movie is the best way to do that. Oh well….at least JCVD looks good, watch the trailer below:

When the life of Jean-Claude Van Damme collides with the reality of a hold-up in Brussels, Belgium, suddenly the huge movie star turns into an ordinary guy, filled with fears, contradictions and hopes. How can he be up to the legend he has built? What can a film hero do when the gun pointed to his temple isn’t charged with blanks? JCVD finds himself at the turning point of his “hero” life.


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“What mean expendable?”
“It’s like someone invites you to a party
and you don’t show up, and it doesn’t really matter


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