US election 2008

UPDATE 5/11/08

Obama won!! Woohoo!

**original post below**

obama_image john-mccain

A young charismatic politician versus an old but experienced War hero.

Yeah, I try to avoid politics in this blog but I need to say something about this historic election. I’m not American but you gotta admit, American politics affects the whole world, period! I remember back in 2004 when everyone who were against the war in Iraq were rallying behind John Kerry to defeat Bush in the election. I was one of those Kerry supporters and I remember how we spent the entire computer class talking about politics and constantly refresh the election page only to be disappointed to see Bush leading every minute (our computer teacher actually had the election update on the projector for all of us to see). Kerry’s defeat was disappointing but it was a short lived disappointment because I realize that he wasn’t that great. I do think he’s better than Bush but I wasn’t really that excited about him.

Which brings us to here now with Obama vs McCain. I knew that an African American named Obama was running for president but I was supporting Hillary and thought that the she was the clear candidate for the democratic party. Then Obama starts making those speeches and impressing a lot of people however, despite all that, I still think that he wasn’t ready. He’s a good speaker and charismatic but deep inside I thought that he’s like one of those people who just know how to bullshit with their sweet talk and stuff. Basically, the idealism that he generated were too much for me I guess probably ever since September 11, I just have a pessimistic view on world politics. But shit man, as the election got nearer, how much I want Obama to win this election grew. He will be making history if he wins….no, he’s not just going to make history because he will be the first black president…no…we’re beyond that now. He successfully broke racial boundaries and he is the best chance we got on at least bringing back some hope to politics. Sorry Stallone, I’m a big fan but the right character for the right script is Obama not McCain. So yeah, Obama ftw

ok, it’s 2.30 in the morning here so I’m off to bed now. Probably find out who wins tomorrow morning Just imagine if McCain-Palin wins…lol…this post will definitely look silly :mrgreen:


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