Look who is back with a really random post

I haven’t been blogging for few days (ok make that for a month!!) but here I am now! I’m back! 🙂 I’m not going to write a long account in paragraphs of what has been going on so far, instead, I’m just going to dump few random things in this post that would hopefully give you some idea. So here we go…

Random Quotes

– Some white dude greeting me with a smile while I was walking down the streets. Oh what the hell, I said Konichiwa back to him lol.

“The only good thing about London is getting out of it”
– Some elderly Taxi Driver at Canterbury who also turned out to be one of the owners of the Taxi service itself.

“Get the fucking the books. Or even better just photocopy it. Just pretend that you didn’t hear that from me” 
-A lecturer who looked like Moby (there’s another one who looked like Bill Gates)

“Cheers mate”
– I’m probably the only one who says “thank you” instead of cheers around here.

“Sorry housemates, I was really drunk last night. I will clean this in the morning”
– A note posted on the door of one of the bathrooms (good thing there’s three bathrooms). Btw, he never cleaned it LOL the cleaner did.

Friend:         Basar jua susu atu
Me:              Kan tekluar bah
Friend:         Sini susu2 saja bah Baie

– A conversation we had in malay while passing a voluptuous woman. We said it out loud and nobody understands it. Of course we didn’t stare coz that would be obvious.

“Urang Brunai kah tu?”
– a phrase we always say whenever we see:
a) dark skinned person b) a girl wearing ‘tudong be-design2’  c) Mua urang brunai lah

Random dude:               Are you Malaysian?
Us:                              No, we’re Bruneians
Random dude:              oooo……*short nod*
*Silence* Random dude stare somewhere else
Us:                              Are you Malaysian?
Random dude:              No, I’m Bruneian
Us:                              OOooooOOO [*thinking* mcm nada bah urang ani]
Us meeting one Bruneian (there’s a whole bunch of them in Canterbury)

“Iatah bah”
– me randomly saying a Malay Bruneian word when talking to an Italian girl

“bah apa karang malam? Crash? Crash rumah urang”
The phrase we always say when we’re bored (almost every night in the first few weeks). Usual target? The UBDians

“Salnviger?” (Salt & Vinegar?), “minus?” (Mayonnaise?)
– Barely audible staff at the local Kebab shop (really funny cool guys though

nuff said

Random Lessons we learned

Shopping is fun…..until you multiply the amount by three. 20 pounds kau blanja? Duit brunei brapa tu? Hehe

Making lots of friends is nice….until they nominate you for Society president and you don’t know shit!

– Taking a hot shower is great….until you step outside and remember that it’s below 10 degrees. Baik tah ku mcm urang putih inda mandi

– Asian night sounds fun….until you find out that it should’ve been called “South Asian” night.

– Going to a halal restaurant is a relief…..until you find out they also serve Bacon burger….ok that’s fine, the chicken is halal….until you find out that they cook in the same kitchen and stuff…tapi iya ckp halal kalau d tanya so…..di halal uleh ya, iya tanggung dusa

Walking around campus at night can be boring…..until you meet some drunk ass white dude making a fool of themselves…just the right entertainment we need.

– Staring at hot girls is ok….until you almost accidentally hit a pole Sapa kan tegantuk tiang tu ah?! *coughsiSafcough*

Buying stuff and cooking together is a good idea….until you find out only two know how to cook and the rest were hopeless

– It’s really easy to make fun of vegetarians…until you find out that she also has a black belt in karate

– Going to the library is a good idea….until you find out how big the library is and you don’t know where to start

Baju lawa2….harganya LAGI TAH lawa2 Haha


4 thoughts on “Look who is back with a really random post

  1. Must be my lucky day 🙂

    Eh awu banar, urg brunei ani selalu memandai assume another bruneian. I was in Chester and ada urg bising2 behind me and bila ku pusing, durang mcm iski “KAKA URG BRUNAI KAH?” (yes they were that loud and excited..and damn the kaka part! haha)..Bila ku tanya drg ckp pasal tudung kaka bedesign2!

    ai siuk, byk urg brunei. sini 3 saja..atu pun pyh jumpa pasal durang lain faculty. rindu ku ckp brunai

    Oh and i totally still say iatah bah a lot. recent one being when my lecturer agreed with my criticism during a presentation. Diangguknya jua kepala. Eh ko turun London seriatu?

  2. Haha…here at Kent there are….let me estimate….9 first year undergraduates living on campus; 12-15ish second/third years; about 5-6ish postgrads; 8 UBDians twinning program; few in Canterbury but not in Uni; one Bruneian family…..and some several ‘lonewolves’ that I don’t meet frequently.

    so yeah, that’s a lot. I didn’t go to London ariatu. It was the one in Dorchester right? I only knew two who went there….datang makan ganya pas tu balik…..probably malas liat acara2 lain. I think on that day I had raya in Canterbury..open house at one of the seniors. Did you go to London?

    I checked the Uni International page, there are currently 63 Bruneian students here. And I thought I’ve met all of them 🙄

  3. Aiii..I hate you already, bektah kamu buat kampung brunei di sana..hehe.. Kami sini yg 3 urg atu, 1 is an in-service undergrad, so she has her family here, and out of us 2 postgrads, I’m the only one living on campus, the other 1 is living with the undegrad. So it gets a bit lonely at times. Siuk kalau ramai Bruneians eh, you don’t miss home that much and travelling is fun kalau ramai2.

    I didn’t go to London. I think I went to Chester tu the whole day and when I got home, there was a Raya event by the Malaysian society. Maybe when HM comes..? 🙂

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