*Updated* Across Eurasia

***UPDATE 12/8/08***

As I mentioned few weeks ago, I’m moving to UK…the city of Canterbury to be exact (somewhere at the southeast of England). Before that I had to endure a long tiring flight Brunei to UK with a short stopover at Dubai.

NOTE: Recalling from memory. And times are in Brunei time (+8 GMT)

7pm (22/9/08) – Take off. Little did I know that it’s going to be one long boring flight.

8pm – The first of many meals. I think it was Cheese Omelette. Eating Cheese Omelette while listening to the whole album of Coldplay’s Viva La Veda (really good btw…some really good tracks)

10pm – got bored and started to try out the airline’s Sky Show with their selection of inflight movies. I chose to watch Kung Fu Panda despite having seen it many times. I think it’s one of the best animation to come out in recent years (aside from Wall E but that’s more of a sci fi epic while this one’s just plain fun) and they’re making a sequel which would definitely not be as good as the first one but I would still watch it :mrgreen:

11pm – Fell asleep while watching Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of Crystal Skull.

4am – Arrived at Dubai and I think it was around midnight at Dubai. Sadly, I only stayed there for half an hour at the airport. Random info: I saw Azerbaijan airlines for the first time too.

5am – Fell asleep again.

7am – Woke up for awhile…listen to songs…fell asleep again

11am – Woke up and decides to spend the last two hours watching Indiana Jones 4 again and this time managed to finish it. I enjoyed the movie more actually and I thought it was a perfect ending to the series. NO Shia Labeouf/Mutt Williams movie please.

2pm/7am UK time – Arrived at London. Managed to avoid some dogs at the custom. Those were big dogs!

NOTE: Recalling from memory. And times are now in UK time (GMT)

10pm/11pm (23/9/08) – Arrived at Brunei Hall. We quickly decided not to stay and just go straight to Canterbury and get it over with.

12pm/1pm – Went around London (small section of of it). Tried the ‘tube’. It rained (creating this dull gloomy windy environment)

2pm/3pm – Hired a van (but he arrived with a bus!) to take us to Canterbury. Long winding journey out of London.

5pm/6pm – Arrived at Canterbury. Got lost for awhile which was also a good opportunity to see the city.

7pm – An international Student Dinner night. I went there and mingle around.

People:               So how’s your flight?
Me:                      Boring, it was a long one about 16-17 hours
People:            Shit! Really
Me:                      Yeah.. yeah *drinks*
People:               What time did you arrive?
Me:                      umm..this morning
People:            SHIT REALLY!
Me:                      Yeah!
People:               Don’t you feel Jetlagged
Me:                      Jetlagged? kinda…but I’m not really that exhausted
People:               So you arrived here at canterbury at what time?
Me:                      An hour ago
People:               Really?! Wow you don’t look tired?
Me:                  I don’t? Guess I’m a good actor then
Padahal mata ngantuk mendangar urang belgium ani ceta2. Pasal Politik lagi!!

10pm – Went to sleep. Fuck it.


5 thoughts on “*Updated* Across Eurasia

  1. you slept during the flight?i hardly sleep at all ah saskku..ku pajal tidur,namau lol…kale lau tertidur terbangun2 and cek wat time is it only to find out long hours togo lol…yeah sine halal…p not all halal nawi =s ada yg baru buka dakat cinema na halal ah =s

  2. @azree

    sama jua kali ah…aku tido pulang tpi every hour bangun2 skajap sja


    reading my archive lol yeah I wrote lots of stuff. Sorry about the lack of updates lately because…well….too lazy haha let’s just say i have a bit of a ‘life’ right now lol like i’m actualy doing something wow

    Btw, do i know you? Banyak Fiz ni ku kenal…if my web stats page is correct then you’re from Lancaster?? Uni of Lancaster UK?? is it correct? 😉

  3. haha..payah jua urg ada tracker ani..yes im in lancs.

    do we know each other…hmm..well i know u as adik shadi..the only 1 time our paths really crossed pun masa ku ke rumah kamu during raya like years ago

    do update..you should have lots to talk about now that you have a life (in your own words ni ah, bukan aku..haha!). I have to say, after reading your writings which span quite a number of interesting areas, your choice of course seems a bit..i don’t know..anti-climactic i suppose? (psychology kan?)

    bah. don’t keep all the thoughts to yourself! rajin2 menulis. looking forward to your next post.

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