Moving To UK

I’m moving to another country….again. My flight is next week if things go as planned. Am I excited or nervous? Both, ofcourse…you always have mixed feelings when you confront with something new, its normal, which is why I’m a bit annoyed when people ask that question.

“are you excited?”
“a bit”
“Are you nervous?”
“a bit”
“you don’t have any feelings about it?”
“I do, I have a mixed feeling about it that’s all”
“something wrong?”
“then why the mixed feeling? That means something wrong”
“What’s wrong with having mixed feelings?”
“Nuthin but are you more excited or are you more nervous?”
“I don’t know. I guess it’s equal. Equally mixed feelings, that’s the right word I think 😛 “

PS: Anybody from Canterbury or have been there at least?


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