Time Between Dog and Wolf

The Korean dramas that I’ve managed to catch were usually the sad romantic ones that ends tragically (the only happy one I saw was ‘Full House’ starring Korean pop superstar Rain, who was also in Speed Racer). So it was a bit refreshing to watch a Korean drama about cops and gangsters, a genre mostly associated with Hong Kong films. Sure, there is a love triangle plotline as you can guess from the picture above but it’s balanced out with several action sequences, plot twists and episodic cliffhangers.

Time Between Dog and Wolf is about Lee Soo Hyun (the guy on the left) who was adopted by a senior officer in the ‘National Intelligence Service’ (NIS) after his parents were murdered by gangsters. Soo Hyun grew up to become an NIS agent himself together with his foster brother, Kang Min Ki (the guy on the right). Later, Soo Hyun agree to become an undercover agent by faking his death and infiltrate a drug trafficking gang led by Ma Woo, the same man who murdered his parents. Further complicating things is a love triangle between Soo Hyun (now under the name of Kay), Ji Woo (Soo Hyun’s childhood friend and the daughter of the gang leader) and Min Ki (Soo Hyun’s foster brother).

As usual for an undercover cop, Soo Hyun suffered from a crisis of identity just like Tony Leung from Hard Boiled & Infernal Affairs. BUT, here’s where it gets better, Soo Hyun later had a car accident and lost his memories!!! 🙄 So he’s a dude disguised as another dude who lost his memories and thinks he’s really the dude he disguised as!!!Beat that Tony Leung!! :mrgreen:

That’s where the second part of the series began which was also when things get slow as the three main characters gets one dimensional (Soo Hyun acts like an asshole, the girl is like all confused and Min Ki just shouts a lot). Then things get better again in the last few episodes with cliffhangers and twists (aside from stupid acts by the girl). It has a sort of a happy ending LOL Hehe and it also leaves it open for a second season too. 

Overall, the show at least kept me entertained throughout so that’s good I guess 🙂


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