The Movie trailer guy passed away

Sometimes I like to imagine something that I saw or heard about into a movie or more specifically a movie trailer. For example, I hear about a Bruneian family whose cars get stolen in Miri (Malaysian city across the border) and I would imagine a made up movie about a man who gets his revenge by single handedly destroy the illegal car trade business or some shit like that. I would explain the idea to my brother in a ‘trailer form’. I would imitate the movie trailer voice and say something along the line of *lowers voice like in movie trailer* “They Thought it was funny to steal his car…They Thought it was funny to terrify his family….They Thought Wrong…..This Summerrrrr….There’s nothing funny about Awang Haji crossing the border…looking for payback…..Arnold Schwarzenegger in….ONCE UPON A TIME IN MIRI”

Or I see a lot of people tapauing and I start thinking, “In a future without rules…the only way to survive….is to Tapau….This summerrr….one food…one dinner table….two men……but only one can be…THE TAPAU KING…coming to theatres near you” HAHA

So basically I love to imitate the trailer voice, it’s like a recurring joke for me. Which is why I’m sad that we won’t be hearing that distinctive voice ever again because ‘the movie trailer voice guy’, Don LaFontaine has passed away at the age of 68 due to lung collapse.

A voice actor famous for recording nearly 5,000 movie trailers, and nearly 350,000 commericals, programs, files and other presentations. He is arguably the most successful Voice Actor of all time.


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