World’s Finest

Warner Bros. is relaunching/rebooting/reintroducing the Superman franchise that will be much more darker than the previous movies. “We’re going to try to go dark to the extent that the characters allow it,” says Jeff Robinov, the president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, who has definitely been inspired by how The Dark Knight, a dark take on Batman, has been making lots of money. I don’t think a dark Superman movie would guarantee a successful movie. I think the right word is ‘mature’ but I guess that’s what the Warner guys meant by ‘dark’ anyway…I hope 😛 . Relaunching the Superman franchise is just part of a larger plan involving the adaptation of other DC superheroes.

What Marvel is doing with their superheroes is giving Warner Bros. & DC a wake up call. Marvel has a great long term plan for their superhero franchise: Iron Man & Incredible Hulk (2008), Iron Man 2 (2010), Thor (2010), Captain America (2011) and finally The Avengers (2011), where the aforementioned superheroes unite (as hinted at the end of Iron Man and Incredible Hulk).

Meanwhile Warner/DC has been busy developing projects like…’Batman vs Superman’ or ‘Justice League’ 🙄 I like Justice League but the project was simply rushed. Thankfully, they scrapped that and is now planning to follow the Marvel way; introducing individual characters in each movie, let them have their 2 hours of fame and then hopefully team them up for a Justice League movie.

Click ‘More’ to read about some of the superheroes that Warner/DC will probably adapt in the next three years:


As mentioned above, they are planning to reboot the franchise and this time they’re going for a darker take on the character. I’m not that into Superman but from what I understand he’s not a dark character like Batman. Sure, he may get angry and facing a dillemma between his desire to lead a normal life or fulfilling his destiny. That’s what I liked about Superman Returns but there’s just one thing missing in the movie (and I’m sure most of you agree) which is a formidable enemy that can really give Superman a run for his money. Lex Luthor can get involved in the plot but the main villain should have superpowers like Doomsday, Brainiac or Bizzaro. I want Superman to kick some ass (no kung fu though).

Going back to what I said about Superman not being a dark character, Superman is actually the opposite of Batman. He’s more idealistic, heroic and the goody-goody boy scout. Think Harvey Dent from the Dark Knight but multiply his good qualities and add superpowers. As for the casting of Superman, I seriously don’t know. I liked Brandon Routh and I wouldn’t mind seeing him back but that would confuse a lot of people since this is supposed to be a reboot.

And please no origin story. Just retell it in the first ten minutes of the movie (or over the opening credits).


I want Nolan to do one more Batman movie with the Riddler and Catwoman. You can read my idea for Nolan’s Batman 3 here. I think Nolan should stop after the third one so that he can move forward with other projects while Batman gets rebooted again. Post-Nolan Batman movies would be set in a comic book world where characters like Robin, Man-bat and Superman exist. This is to ensure that a Justice League movie is possible (Batman of Nolan series meeting Brandon Routh’s Superman is impossible).

For post-Nolan Batman movies, I want Batman to be older and experienced just like the one from the Batman: The Animated Series.

Green Lantern

Green Lanterns are basically the intergalatic police force. Each sectors of the universe is represented by one or two Green Lanterns. There have been many Green Lanterns that represented Earth: John Stewart (the African American green lantern), Guy Gardner (the backup Green Lantern), etc. The famous one is Hal Jordan, a former test pilot who was handpicked by Abin Sur (an alien Green Lantern) to be his successor.

Green Lantern’s power comes from the Power Ring which can basically do anything (from creating a force field to creating any object). The only limitation to this power is that the Power Ring needs to be recharged with the power charger shaped like a….’Green Lantern’

A film adaptation is in development featuring Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern. WB is said to be very pleased with the script and moving forward with it. Set to be directed by Greg Berlanti and written by Michael Green & Marc Guggenheim, this movie is expected to be a Space Opera epic adventure in tone.

I think a Green Lantern movie could be DC’s Iron Man; popularising a lesser known superhero to the general audience.

Green Arrow

Here’s another green superhero. Oliver Queen was a billionaire playboy whose life turned upside down when he got stranded on deserted island. He then became an expert in survival skills particularly in archery. Returning to civilization, he began to commit himself in crime fighting under the disguise of Green Arrow. He has a lot of different types of arrows eg. explosive arrows, grappling arrow and even a boxing glove arrows 🙄

There’s a Green Arrow movie in development and I’m really excited about this one. So what’s so special about the possible upcoming film adaptation of a superhero I only know from the Justice League cartoon? Written by Justin Marks and David Goyer, Green Arrow: Escape From Supermax is about Green Arrow getting framed for a murder he didn’t commit and is sent to SUPERMAX, a prison for supervillains. Green Arrow must now find a way to escape and clear his name while making alliance & enemies along the way. It’s original and different than the usual origin movies.

Here’s a script review of SUPERMAX with a list of all the villains featured in the script. 

Other Superhero movies in active development are Flash and Wonder Woman.


Here’s a clip from Superman: Animated Series featuring Batman. Enjoy


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