Beijing Olympic Closing Ceremony – random live thoughts

Update 25/08/08: Photos courtesy of

Just like what I did with the Opening Ceremony, I’m going to post some random thoughts as I’m watching the live telecast of the Closing Ceremony. I would be lying if I said that I’ve been following every events from this year’s Olympic games in last few weeks. All I know is that the Singapore Table Tennis team won Silver, Rafael Nadal won Gold for Tennis, Malaysia got Silver for Men’s Single Badminton, Jamaicans breaking records and China taking the rest of the Gold medals (except those that were obtained by Michael Phelps of course :mrgreen: ). Anyway, the closing ceremony will start in about half and hour (BTW, I’m in Brunei so the Timezone is pretty much the same).

8:01pm: Here we go!! The raising of the Chinese Flag accompanied by the national anthem. A presentation on the big screen. A group of drummers wearing bicycle helmets (ok???!!). They get surrounded a larger group of girls forming a circular formation looking like the Sun. WOah two giant floating drums. FIREWORKS! CGI? hehe

8:12pm: Stupid commercial! A group of guys ‘cycling’ in a circular wheel enters the arena. The helmet guys are gone and out comes 200 bouncing men!! They seem to be wearing those special artificial leg that were always used for runners with disability. WTF Commercial again!

8:16pm: Flags of the participating countries arrive. I see East Timor, I see Spain, I see Trinidad, I see Swaziland. Since I was 5, I’ve always been fascinated with the world maps and countries so I’m familiar with the flags and the location of most of the countries in the world. Commercial…. 🙄

8:25pm: The athletes comes out accompanied by a group of Chinese ladies in red drumming. And there’s also a young kid in the middle with a drum set. There’s also a little girl too…I think that’s the same one with the fake singing from the Opening ceremony.

8.36pm: Victory ceremony for the Marathon event. Kenya get a Gold,Morocco get a Silver and Ethiopia get a Bronze. It’s followed by a presentation for the athletes volunteers and children volunteers.

8.49pm:the raising of the Greek flag. Greece hosted the previous Olympic games in 2004. Speech by president of the Chinese Olympic committee and the President of the IOC.

8:59pm: Raising the UK flag accompanied by the familiar British national anthem, God Save the Queen.

9:03pm:The Olympic flag is lowered and the Chinese choir is singing the Olympic anthem. Out comes the Mayor of London. Mayor of Beijing is handing the Olympic flag to the Mayor of London. That’s a big flag…they carefully try not to aggressively wave it 🙂 .

9:10pm:Haha The familiar double Decker London bus is here! Hmmm..I think this is a just a taste of what o expect for the opening ceremony at London in 2012; more of an Urban performance than the more traditional Chinese performance. The Double Decker bus transforms and out comes Leona Lewis and Led Zeppelin’s guitarist performing. Again, I think this is just a taste of what to expect from the opening ceremony of 2012 London games; a ceremony that is more like an ultra mega concert with various mega stars. Not saying that would be bad thing. OOOH DAVID BECKHAM!!! HAHA He kicked the ball and one lucky Chinese guy (one of the volunteers) catches it.

9:20pm What’s this? Three people climbing up the staircase like those that you see for aircrafts. They stopped and look at the giant torch. You see highlights from the games on the upper walls of the bird’s nest stadium. There’s also two half naked guys (painted in gray) in the middle of the arena doing some expressive body movement. Cue dramatic music followed with a Capella by Chinese girl and the flames from the torch disappears.

9:25pm: A large Babel tower like structure in the  middle of the arena covered with people dancing. A group of guys just ‘walked’ vertically up the tower and WOAH!! The guys hanging on the tower forms a red rose. Nice! The guys creates a human spiral thing around the tower. The tower is then covered with red sheets and…wow! umm…wow! those stripes of red sheet starts to float creating….wait wow Fireworks!!!…anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, those stripes of red sheet starts to float creating this web-like/spider-like formation around the tower…Ok maybe that’s not the best description. I will update this post with photos

9:32pm:Performance by various Chinese artists. Beijing, Beijing! Wo Ai Beijing! The song goes something like that. Is That RAIN?! The Korean singer who’s recently finding some fame in the US with a role in the movie Speed Racer and his “dance off” with Stephen Colbert.

9:36pm:a group of Chinese girls comes out and looks like they are lip synching a song but I don’t care about that :LOL: . Commercial again.

9.40pm:back from commercial and BAM! I see a George Lucas look like on screen! Haha This George Lucas look a like is singing an Opera song with a Chinese lady. Ok, a quick search and I found out that the George Lucas look a like is Placido Domingo, Spanish-Mexican Opera singer.

(Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images AsiaPac)

Another performance by various international artists with a group of performers floating in the air. Is that Gong Li?? Ok it’s not Hehe WTF Haha! Astro (Malaysian Cable Tv) keeps showing a lot of commercial. If I remember correctly, there weren’t that many commercial during he opening ceremony. Back to the ceremony and the arena is now suddenly crowded…see that’s why I hate commercial coz you miss stuff. The mascots are there; the guys are hanging around the tower; the different ethnic groups are there; …woah  wait…fireworks!!! MASSIVE!! Is this the fireworks to end all fireworks?

9.54pm: The ceremony officially ends but there are still fireworks. See ya in London 😎

9:58pm: Wait, I heard that Jackie Chan was there…I didn’t see him! Oh well, that is what happen when you’re watching and typing at the same time or when there were commercials every minute 🙄 So I guess that’s it! Time to change the channel…hmm…ooo, Apocalypto on StarMovies and it just started! Haven’t seen the movie so..yeah, I’m watching it now. Good night!

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Update 25/08/08: Photos courtesy of


10 thoughts on “Beijing Olympic Closing Ceremony – random live thoughts

  1. I think the closing ceremony was super! the unit gala began amid a display of fireworks that form a huge circle in the sky which symbolizes the complete success of the Beijing Games. In traditional Chinese culture, circle is a symbol of perfection, harmony and renewal. human power were doing all the symbolic language. You just been a bit negative and try to give a credits to those. Thank you the Beijing was Awesome!

  2. I could not watch the TV presentation of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games at Beijing. I saw some of your photos and comments. It was beautiful! A lot of creativity and lights! May the same lights be shed on the Chinese people so that they may discover their talents and also the wishes of their hearts for God.
    Chinese will do well in every field.

  3. China did everything but blow someone up in the closing.

    Is it just me, or did China go nuts trying to promote themselves?

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  5. does anybody know anything about thos “circular wheels”?? i find them fascinating. some chinese minority is supposed to use it regulary as a sports-instrument, but which and what to call that thing? i would appreaciate any info about these wheels… thanks
    vera, germany

  6. @batguano101

    Yes, China went nuts trying to promote themselves but who can blame them.

    China have been hyped up to be the next great superpower that would eventually replace American hegemony. They know that the whole world will focus on them during the Olympics, arguably the biggest international event, so it’s a really good opportunity for China to make all of us believe the hype.

    China was also very lucky to get the 2008 Games because of heavy criticism about pollution, human rights, press freedom, etc. Make the greatest opening/closing ceremony ever and very impressive Olympic venues so that hopefully the criticisms would be forgotten (it didn’t actually, people are still mad about human rights issue over there).

    And also because they want to diffuse the “chinese red scare” among some international communities. China want to show that their rising influence in the international arena is a peaceful one. One world, One dream.

  7. trylobite-

    “One world, One dream.”

    Sounds sort of Kissinger/New World Orderish.

    Yep, that should reassure everyone.

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