“I’m Not Wearing Hockey Pads!!”

If you thought that my review would be the last Dark Knight related post then think again :-p By now almost everyone on this planet have seen the movie which earned $609 million worldwide in about 20 days and the movie is seen by many to be the most likely candidate to dethrone Titanic off the Highest Grossing movie title.

What It Could’ve Been

“Wanna know how I got these scars?”
                                                      – Joker

Here’s a scan from The Official The Dark Knight Art Book. It’s one of the early concept for the Joker. I like what we have but damn~ just think about how freaky it could have been:

You can find more Joker concept art over at /Film

The Other Side of the Coin.

“I’m not wearing Hockey Pads!!”
                                              – Batman

Sick of hearing that the Dark Knight is a ‘Masterpiece’ or ‘the greatest crime epic ever’? If you’re one of those people who thought that the Dark Knight wasn’t the ‘Second Coming’ then you might be interested in this site: http://thedarkknightsucks.com/ which is self explanatory 🙄

Anyway, I want to offer my own criticism now that the my hype level is down and the shockwave that I had after watching the movie three weeks ago have died out (I’ve only seen it once! While everyone else have seen it hundreds of times…damn, I feel left out).

Here are some of the things that I annoyed me:

– Batman’s voice. I’m generally ok with his voice but when it comes to those long monologues like the end, you just kinda can’t take him seriously Hehe

– Speaking of Batman’s voice, there is this line in the beginning of the movie where Batman yelled, “I’m not wearing Hockey Pads!!” WTF The line has become a constant joke between me and my brother.

– After Batman saves Rachel from the fall, it just cuts to the next scene without showing what happened to the Joker after that. Did he just walk out party or something? Maybe a deleted scene in he DVD later.

– Speaking of deleted scene, what about the part after the Joker pissed off the man guarding him in the police station. Deleted scene? Maybe too violent for a PG-13? I have this wishful thinking that there is a scene involving the Joker using the hidden knife under his shoe and kick/stab the man on his balls :mrgreen:

 – Why does Batman have to take the fall for the murder committed by Two Face? Why can’t they just put the blame on one of the mobs? I know it serves the story, you know, Batman is heroic because he sacrificed his reputation in order to preserve the image of hope for Gotham but still.

I’m actually planning to write about my thoughts on Batman 3 but I realize that it would make this post long. So I’ll leave that for the next post 😉

I guess it’s ‘To Be Continue’ for now


6 thoughts on ““I’m Not Wearing Hockey Pads!!”

  1. “- Why does Batman have to take the fall for the murder committed by Two Face? Why can’t they just put the blame on one of the mobs? ”

    The Joker has wiped out the mob by the end of the movie. Also, Two-Face is the Joker’s “ace in the hole”. If he doesn’t take the blame, then the Joker wins.

    Unfortunately the conflict between the Joker and Batman is unresolved, because of the tragic death of Heath of course. So now for #3, they’ll just have to move on to something else instead of resolving the war between Batman and the Joker.

  2. obviously the piece of glass sitting that the camera practically zoomed in on near the joker is what he used to subdue the cop in the interrogation room.

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  4. umm, he has the cop at glass point when asking for the cell phone he uses to call the bomb in the other prisoner’s stomach. No deleted scene.

  5. Batman taking the fall for Harvey’s crimes was the only part of the film that struck me as over-contrived. There were so many bad guys in this movie that all they had to do was destroy any evidence pointing to Harvey (which they would have had to do anyway to pin the crimes on Batman) attribute Harvey’s killings and Harvey’s own death to “person or persons unknown,” and the public would have jumped to the easy conclusion that the Joker and Maroni went to war and these were just some more of the casualties. They obviously went this way to help set up something they need for the next film, because it was totally unnecessary for this one.

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