Beijing Olympic 2008 – random live thoughts

Update 9/08/08: Photos courtesy of

I have nothing else to do but watch the live telecast of the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing on TV. I’m a bit late though because I was enjoying myself watching, out of all movie, Home Alone in another channel 🙄 BTW, I’m in Brunei so the Timezone is pretty much the same therefore the time that I put are the same as the time in Beijing.

8.07 pm: Wow..the Olympics rings made of lights starts ‘floating’ in the air.

8.08 pm: A brave 9 year old girl in red singing (is that the national Anthem?) while kids dressed representing the 56 chinese ethnic group carrying the large flag of China. Kinda nice to see the costume of the different ethni groups. Flag raising ceremony. Ok nvm..this is the real national anthem of China. This is my first time hearing it..kinda short. Massive fireworks!

(update 13/8/08: There’s a big fuss about how it wasn’t the lil girl in red’s voice that’s singing but some other girl. Turned out this girl got replaced by the one we saw during the opening because she was much more cuter. I had two reaction when I read this piece 1) Duh!! I remember how it looked really obvious that the lil girl was lypsynching 2) So? It’s understandable, they needed the ceremony to be perfect. To achieve that, they not only just needed a perfect voice but also a perfect look (as in bleeding our eyes with the cuteness of little chinese girl)

8.13 pm: Massive glowing scroll in the middle of the stadium. Wow, ninja looking guys painting the scrolls while dancing/making expressive body movement. Really Graceful. This must be a pain in the ass to choreograph!

8.20 pm: Hundreds of Confucius look alikes carrying bamboos. A wave of blocks with Chinese characters. BTW, those blocks are being handled by humans not a machine which makes it more impressive. The blocks are now forming the famous Great Wall of China, easily the most recognizable landmarks in China. Haha! The guys who’ve been handling the blocks just revealed themselves and wave to the crowds and smiling. I just find it funny 😛 They seem to be enjoying themselves (What am I saying, of course they would be enjoying it, it’s the opening ceremony of the Olympics) .This is followed by a Peking Opera performance, if I’m not mistaken that’s what you call it. All dressed in Orange.

8.31pm: A lady dancing on top of a giant scroll being carried by a lot of people. Yes, she dance on top of a giant scroll! According to the commentator, the performance is about the history of the silk Road, a famous overland trade route across Eurasia. The tale of Marco Polo popularize the Silk Road. Now it’s about the maritime exploration. Pictures of Chinese pottery, majestic ships (like the one used by the famous chinese Muslim explorer, Cheng Ho) and there’s a man holding an ancient compass just one of the few amazing things that the Chinese civilization gave to the world. It’s kinda cool seeing how the wonders of Chinese civilzationor history have gained appreciation in recent decades. The world is beginning to recognize the richness of Chinese History.

8.40pm: Poles decorated withgolden dragon rise up from the floor with each pole having a lady on top of it. Add some epic music and..OMG Fireworks!! WOohoo!! Epic!

A guy and cute girl playing the piano in the middle of arena. Man, that girl is f***ing lucky! People dressed all green doing the wave. Wait, their clothes changed colours. Their glowing too and forming a white dove that changes colours. Again, a pain in the ass choreography especially since their doing this in the dark and onl relying on their glowing shirts.

There’s a kite being flown by a little girl flowing in the air. It’s the same red girl that sang in the beginning of the ceremony…Oh sorry, it’s not Haha

8.50pm: Yes! Martial arts time!! The lady is doing Tai Chi I think. Oh wait, we’re back to the kids, ok??…oh wait back to Martial arts Yeah!! All dressed in white and doing Tai Chi. School kids in the middle of the arena paintingthe floor while surrounded by men in white doing Tai Chi. Kinda cool, like these tough ass guys are protecting these cute Innocent kids. Nice, the lights are now orange making these martial art guys glowing like the sun.  Colourful animation of birds flying on the big screen as the school kids jump around in excitement.

9.00pm: Astronaut!!! Is that the Chinese astronaut himself? Anyway, a giant dome like structure rises up from the floor. Wait, not a dome but a giant blue ball!! hmm.the music souds like ET music? Steven Spielberg? I remember Steven Spielberg was involved in the opening ceremony right? But he pulled out because of Darfur or something. Who cares…Anyway, the ball turns into planet Earth with bunch of guys ‘skating’ on the surface Really cool!


A female and a male singer singing on top the giant ball. A chinese guy and a..sorry, didn’t catch her name Sarah something. I’m sorry if she’s well known and I don’t know about her. Pictures of kids from different race and nationalities from around the world. Fireworks!!! Woohooo!!! Spectacular! leave it to the Chinese when it comes to spectacular fireworks.

WOW, people from differrent ethnic groups dancing at the arena. I see Tibetans! Yeah! You know with all the recent HooHar! about the Tibet issue and how some of them want to boycott the Olympics, it’s kinda cool to see the Tibetans here.

9.10pm: What’s that about Brunei? Anyway, Greece comes first because they hosted the games before this. Guinea is next, so it’s not in alphabetical order, probably start with G then H then so on. Oh wait, I’m wrong, Turkey comes next so there is no particular order.

(Update 11.31pm: It’s in alphabetical order but following the order of Chinese characters instead of the English alphabet)

9.16pm: Malawi Hehe..I remember one of the house that I lived in back when I was in Japan used to be the embassy of Malawi. Just some small random thing that’s all. Bhutan!! I remember how the king recently agree to abdicate when after a general election. Belgium….ummm…French fries actually came from Belgium not France Hehe I know, random info. WTF commercial!!! Good it was short and we’re back with Israel and Shimone Perez is here. Japan!! Japan and China have an ‘interesting’ relationship over the years. TAIWAN!! No wait, CHINESE TAIPEI!! Boy, where should I start with the history of these two nations. Commercial again!! Must change channel from Astro to the local channel if it’s even showing.

9.20pm: Oh I just found out that Brunei didn’t register in time. That sucks…Oh well…Ukraine looks cool with the blue jacket and all.

9.34pm: Palestine! Timor Leste! Yeah for underdogs

9.40pm: India and Indonesia! Taufik Hidayat! Badminton

9.55pm: Iraq and Iran back to back

10.01pm:Angola.. I knew this kid from Angola. He was new to the school at that time so I didn’t know his name at that time. So during his first PE, I was in the same Basketball team as him and I stupidly call him black guy as in..”hey, where’s the black guy” Of course, it wasn’t intentional but you know, I just sort of blurted it out by accident and I realized how stupid I was shortly after I said it. Luckily, he didn’t get that mad so later I decided to make up for my mistake by getting to know him. He told me his name and that he came Angola. Just for the sake of having a conversation, I started asking him about the Angolan Civil War because that’s the only thing I know about his country. Very Awkward Haha!

10.05pm: Libya has the best flag. Just plain Green and it’s my favourite colour.

10.21pm:I see Bush with binoculars. I hope he knows how to use it this time Hehe

10.27pm:U! S! A! U! S! A! Bush with his wife. Speaking of Bush, I’m really curious about the new Oliver Stone movie about Bush that’s coming out later this year titled ‘W’. It looks stupid yet interesting. The actors don’t even look like their counterparts yet who cares coz the most important thing is the acting.

10.52pm: North Korea. How come they don’t walk together with South Korea like they did in the last game That was cool.

10.56pm: Singapore. Yup I knew it, the flag is carried by that famous Singaporean Table Tennis player, Li Jiawei. I was in Singapore during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and was cheering for her to win. But unfortunately she got 4th place which is not bad anyway.

(Update 10/08/08: I found out that she’s getting some heat due to way she carried the Singapore Flag.)

11.01pm:It’s interesting how the Chinese have a different way in calling the name of the participating countries. For example, just now the Chinese announced Mexico with something that sounds like “woh chi ngo” or Tajikistan where he call it something that doesn’t resemble the original name. It’s similar to Malay, we have different names for countries like Greece (Yunani), Spain (Sepanyol), Egypt (Mesir) or United States (Amerika Syarikat)

11.08pm:CHINA!! YAO MING!! and a little kid who survived the recent great earthquake. Nice! I bet China will win this year! Very Proud of China.

11.21pm: Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer…I see Kobe Bryant

11.26pm: Speech by the President of Beijing Organizing Committee. Subtitles? Welcome to Beijing, I only understand that.

11.36pm:President Hu Jintao officially opening the games. FIREWORKS!

11.42pm: The Olympic flag carried by veteran athletes from China. The five Olympic rings represent the five continents of the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and Americas (combining North and South). By the way, the colours of the Olympic rings doesn’t correspond with any particular continent (no, black doesn’t represent Africa 🙄 )

11.53pm:The Olympic torch finally arrives. Running up the stairs now. Wait, is this guy going to fly..Hahaha Yup! Like Superman!! That’s f***ing high! I would’ve piss on my pants and it would be dripping on the audience hehe…what…too graphic for you guys? ok, sorry Nice, he’s walking around the upper walls of the Bird’s nest stadium. Oh shit, it’s close….oh boy…..woah! HAhAHhaha *cue dramatic music* The flame is on!! FIREWORKS!!! Nice shot of the stadium. It’s like a warzone down there!

12.09pm: Just as I heard the name Jackie Chan, they have to cut to the commercial Haiya!! Oh he’s singing and Karen Mok is there too. For those who find it weird that Jackie Chan sings, he actually contributed to the soundtrack of many of his Hong Kong films like City Hunter and Police Story. Click here for more

12.19pm: I guess that’s the end. Good night (at least in East Asia that is). Will probably put some official photos of the opening ceremony in this post tomorrow to make it look nice. And about Brunei not being included in the Olympics…well…it sucks I guess. Expect it to be a major topic here tomorrow.

(Update 10/08/08: The local Olympic commitee released a press release and later the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports released theirs on the local papers. There’s also a possibility of a sanction or fine for Brunei. Oh well, a wake up call is what we need anyway.) 

Update 9/08/08: Photos courtesy of


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