Oh Let it Louie, She’s Under Cover..

Here’s a random ‘game’ that my friend and I came up with during a MSN messenger session. It started with him giving me a link to the theme song of the game Metal Gear Solid over at YouTube. I replied with a link to the Battlefield 1942 theme song and so we went back and forth giving links to musical scores we like, be it from a game or a movie. But eventually we started trading YouTube links to songs that we consider to be ‘guilty pleasure’ songs (he started by ‘rickrolling’ me with that Never Gonna Give You Up song). Note that we don’t neccessarily considered these songs to be bad but they are something we enjoyed, laughed and remember fondly.

It’s kinda funny listening (and watch the music videos!!) to songs like Modern Talking’s ‘Brother Louie’ or Mc Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’ again. We continually went “hey, remember this song?” or “OMG, this song used to…” back and forth. This went on for about an hour and some of these songs are now stuck in my head thanks to it.

Click More to see some of the songs that we ‘rediscovered’ during our little game over MSN. Enjoy the trip back in time :mrgreen:

Final Countdown – Europe

Kick ass. nuff said!

Might also wanna waste your time with: Crazy people playing this song with Cello. Really cool

Brother Louie – Modern Talking

My friend gave me this one and he admitted that he liked this song when he was young. But he mentioned that they were one hit wonders…umm..no they weren’t. I remember they have other hits like ‘Cheri Cheri lady’ and that song that goes like “if you try, you can win” or something like that 😆 The singers are funny too, I mean, there’s the expressionless long hair dude and a blonde guy with the guitar who keep doing that ‘holding up his fist’ thing.

Might also wanna waste your time with: My friend also showed me the Bollywood version of the song with a little part of “Final Countdown” in the beginning.

Tarzan Boy – Baltimora

Me: I don’t know if you remember this one, it’s from the Ninja Turtle movie.

*gives the YouTube link*

Friend: Holy Shit! Oh yeah, ninja turtles! It’s the one where they travel back in time right?!

Me: Yeah! Ninja Turtles 3! You’ve heard this song from that movie too?!

Friend: Yeah! Shit! This brings back memories! *play it again*

Initially, I didn’t know the title of this song (googling ooooo!! oooowh!! song didn’t work) so I searched for the Ninja Turtle 3 soundtrack and eventually found the YouTube video. This song got stuck in my head for few days now lol Oooo0o0o00oo00!! 0o0o0!!! Sadly, I found out that the singer passed away in 1995 due to AIDS.

Might also wanna waste your time with: Trailer for Ninja Turtles 3.

Macarena – Los Del Rio

OMG! I remember how we even bought the CD of this shit!! The dance, the remixes, the countless times it get played on the radio and I even remember how this music always get used in a game of musical chair for birthday parties!! EEEHH!!!!! MACARENA!! Haha

Might also wanna waste your time with: 90s cartoon, Animaniacs doing the macarena. I miss that cartoon.

Calcutta – Dr Bombay

Kalikalikutakutakuta AyoiAyoh! I knew this Danish guy who keeps playing this song in computer class. He was the one who told me that Dr.Bombay is Swedish LOL His real name is Jonny Jakobsen who also portrayed other characters like the Scottish Dr.MacDoo and a Mexican named Carlito.

See Also: More Dr.Bombay

Scatman – Scatman John

I remember this song started a short Scatman fad among my friends when we were kids. We thought we were cool singing gibberish like beepabapaopoebbabepaopodaeoadbaepa! 😎 . He died back in 1999 after battling with lung cancer.

Might also wanna waste your time with: Some girl trying to do the Scat in American Idol

Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley

This song has become sort of an internet phenomena recently due to a thing called RickRoll. Simply, you ‘rickroll’ someone by giving them a link with a misleading text (eg. Britney Spears nude, New exclusive Watchmen trailer, McCain calls Obama a N***er, etc) and instead they get a music video of this song. Yeah I know, it’s silly.

Might also wanna waste your time with: Interview with Rick Astley

Several other songs that we reminisced:

There were more but I couldn’t remember.


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