Resident Evil Degeneration trailer

New trailer for the upcoming straight-to-DVD CG “Non-Milla Jovovich Alice Bullshit” movie, Resident Evil Degeneration. You can find it here or watch it on Youtube below

It’s 7 years after the incident at the Raccoon City (that’s a year after RE4 and three years before the upcoming RE5).

…at an airport somewhere in the United States, on an ordinary autumn afternoon, a zombie is unleashed. Now, in an airport beginning to fill with the undead, the horrific disaster is about to repeat itself… Claire Redfield, now a member of an NGO supporting victims of bioterrorism and medical disasters, happens to be in the airport while Leon S. Kennedy comes to the site on a mission to take care of the incident.


It’s a RE2 reunion Yay! You have Leon (sadly, the super cheesy one liner action hero version of him from RE4), Claire (looking good) and a G-Virus monster?! (notice the big eye on the monster at the end of the trailer).

Here’s the funny thing; it’s such a coincidence that around the time of RE2, my friend and I made our own fictional Resident Evil 3 story starring Leon, Claire, Sherry, Chris, Jill, Barry, Rebecca and Hunk (basically everyone from the the first two games Hehe) and set it in an airport. The story we came up with was that the T-Virus & the G-Virus spread across the US and their only hope for escape is to go to the airport (now turned into a military controlled evacuation center). However, things went to shit quickly and Chris dies (sacrificing himself to save Claire). In the end, the survivors escaped to Europe by plane, not before fighting a T+G virus Tyrant of course LOL. Oh well, at least when RE3 got released we got the next best thing, Jill’s blue outfit 🙄

Resident Evil Degeneration18 Oct 2008 (in Japan that is….American release date unknown)

Images courtesy of IGN


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