Greatest discovery today, Total BS tomorrow

I was watching the show called “The Universe” on the History Channel and they mentioned how Albert Einstein’s “greatest blunder” turned out to be correct. In 1917, he proposed a concept called a Cosmological Constant which is this force that pushes the universe outwards to balance out the force that would make the universe collapse (or something like that I think) thus keeping the universe static/stable. Anyway, his theory was discredited after a discovery by Hubble that proves the universe wasn’t static but expanding. Even Einstein abandoned it and called it his greatest blunder. But little did he know that very same blunder turned out to be one of the possible explanation for the greatest mystery in the universe: the nature of the so called Dark Energy that is not only expanding the Universe but accelerating the process. So Einstein’s blunder wasn’t such a blunder after all.

Let’s put physics aside now because that’s not what I want to talk about. See, while I was watching this documentary and they point out about the Einstein’s blunder story that I mentioned above, I can’t help but think, “you know what, these bunch of scientists with beards, glasses; these guys from Harvard talking about stuff like axion, neutrinos, dark matter and dark energy; all the really cool stuff that Michio Kaku talks about….I bet 50-100 years from now, all of this would be bullshit

Hundreds of years ago, if I said that the sun is the center of the universe then I would get arrested. Go back in time and say that the continent is floating above molten rocks and I would  be called crazy. So next time when you’re reading something from your textbook or seeing something from a documentary, just imagine yourself 50 years from now and laughing at all the scientific theories back in the early 2000s.

Haha!! OMG Jurassic Park?! The movie with Jeff Goldblum being chased by a prehistoric giant lizard?! Pfft~ We all know that giant birds ruled the world 65 million years ago, not giant lizards:mrgreen:

You might interested in my other post about my crazy random theory on the Universe Here.


2 thoughts on “Greatest discovery today, Total BS tomorrow

  1. The following invitation is in direct connection to this article. The unfolding events could alter the ‘Standard Model’, and thus the ‘Cosmological Model’ would change also!

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    Remember: Go Ask Alice, I think she’ll know!

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