Birds and the Bees

So I saw an episode of this Sitcom called ‘My Wife and Kids’ starring Damon Wayans. I don’t regularly watch the show but I do enjoy every episodes that I’ve catched. Anyway, the main plot of that episode was about Damon Wayans’ son being forced to learn about parenting (after impregnating his girlfriend) through this weird task involving a baloon as a double for a baby. The secondary plot was about his youngest daughter asking her mom about where do babies come from (the birds and the bees) and she told her about how men puts his ‘seeds’ into a girl’s belly. Later on she asked her little boyfriend to put pumpkin seeds into her belly button so she can be pregnant LOL. So clearly the theme of the episode was Sex and that whole episode was like sex education sitcom style.

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I remember we had this thing in school few years ago called Sex week or sex education week or something like that. It was part of the Science class and I remember how the teacher gave us these letters to show to the parents explaining about ‘Sex education’. I didn’t give it to my parents because A) There’s nothing for the Parents to sign and B) even if I did give them, they wouldn’t mind anyway. So for a whole week it was labelling diagrams of both male and female reproductive system, unwrapping condoms on test tubes and watch several ‘educational’ videos.

BTW, this was when I was in an international school in Singapore so it’s different than how it’s done here in my home country Brunei. I remember when I told my Bruneian friends about it and they were all sort of curious and start asking bunch of questions. She was like, So did the video really show full frontal nudity? Yeah, like naked people so? I mean like watching in a school? In class? with the teacher?Umm…yeah…it’s considered ‘educational’ not porn LOL Seriously, you see it clearly not like censored Yes I saw it clearly, hell I was front row in class with two other classmates and the tv monitor was right in front of me But did you REALLY SEE IT??! like the penis entering the vagina No WTF! not that explicit, we weren’t watching porn. Then she talked about how they only look at diagrams of reproductive organs and well…imagined/daydream the rest in class haha!

What I found to be interesting was that my friends, they were three girls, that I talked to about this was really curious about the sight of giving birth that I saw from the video shown. Not that image of screaming lady with the doctor beside her saying “push! Push!”, I meant seeing the actual baby coming out of the vagina! They never seen it before and they were askingme to describe how it looked like. So you have a guy like me describing how the baby looks like when it comes out of the vagina to these three girls. F***ing Awkward!!

Anyway, it’s common in movies or television where you see the parents sit down and start talking about sex to their kids or as they call it, ‘The birds and the bees’. WTF does ‘Birds and the bees’ mean anyway? What does that have to do with sex? A quick google search led me to this Wikipedia page.

According to that story the birds are like men and the bees like women: Birds are free to fly wherever they like, but bees are enslaved to a single queen their entire life and their whole life is dedicated to keeping her alive. Bees pollinate flowers, birds spread the seed, men impregnate eggs, women give birth. Sex is key for survival of both.

Basically, it’s a ‘safe’ way to tell children about sex by using idioms and metaphors. LOL OK~ 🙄 Do kids actually get it? At first I thought it’s just an American thing where the parents sit down and talk about these stuff, but then, you know, I think any parents around the world would have to do ‘the talk’ to their children if they get asked about where babies come from. 

As for me, I never got the “Birds and the Bees” type of talk from my parents (the sit down followed by the revelatory talk) . And neither did I learn it from that school sex education videos that I mentioned because, come on, by High School you know all that shit! You just get to know it as you get older.

Some parents wholly blame on the education system when the numbers of teenage pregnancy rises but I think it’s mostly laziness on their part because by complaining, the school would take greater initiative in handling the issue and the parents would just sit back and neglect their role. If something goes wrong with their children again, they blame the education system again HAHA. 

I think the best way is that parents just ‘guide’ their children in topics such as stuff about relationship, responsibility and dealing with other teenage problems. Let the school handle the technical details (sperms meet the eggs blah bah) because you can get that from a science book anyway (where do you think the 7-8 year old me got the info? From a science book that I bought..see, us nerds knew about these stuff earlier).  Wait, did I just give an advice on parenting?? Me giving parenting advice?!! WTF! Man, my bullshit meter just keeps on rising as I continue blogging Hehe :mrgreen:


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