Lost – No Place Like Home

The fourth season of LOST ended few days ago and the 8 month wait for the next season begins!! Nooooo!!

This is the best Lost finale yet (yes, even surpassing last year’s “OMG it’s a flash forward” episode).It has action, drama, romance and several moments of suspense. Oh and answers too….and new questions hahaha. I’m not gonna do a recap but just pointing out few things.

**Warning! This post contains spoilers for those who haven’t seen it yet** 

Who’s dead and who’s not?

Keamy – Is totally dead. His heart stopped beating which triggered the explosion on the freighter. It’s kinda interesting to see how the character developed over the season. When we first met him aboard the freighter, I thought he was going to be one of those not-so-important henchmen that Sayid could easily dispose in a second. Turned out he became the main villain of the season after all (it took an ass whooping by Sayid, a gunshot by Richard and multiple stabs at the neck by Ben to kill that beast).

Michael – totally dead. We found out that he couldn’t die after he left the island because the island “wasn’t” finished with him. The appearance of Ghost Christian and his message to Michael that he ‘can go now” pretty much confirms that the Island is finished with him. Sure I hated how he shot Ana and Libby but I was excited when he returns in Season 4 because I want him to redeem himself. He did though but I was expecting him to at least die next season or in the final season. Oh well, RIP Michael and poor Walt.

Jin– I don’t think he’s dead even if the odds are against him. He was on the boat when it exploded and even if he jumped off, where would he swim? to the island? The island’s gone! Or maybe he gets picked up by Daniel and his redshirt buddies but if he were, wouldn’t he reunite with the Oceanic 6 on the raft. I think the island isn’t finished with him…well I hope coz he’s one of my favourite characters. Ghost Christian or Jacob probably teleported him to the island or something.

Locke – Is dead and is in the coffin….in the future that is (make that 3 years after the rescue of the Oceanic 6). But we’ll definitely be seeing him again on the island leading the Others in present times (or is it the past because post Island Oceanic 6 timeline will be the present in Season 5 I think. Or maybe not GAWH!!) 

Battle lines are drawn – Widmore vs Ben

Widmore hates Ben, who wants to kill Widmore’s daughter, Penny, who is the girlfriend of Desmond, an old friend of Sayid, who works as an assassin for Ben; who is offering an idea on how the Oceanic 6 are going to return to the island to Jack, who is now being hated by Kate, who is raising Aaron, a kid who’s somehow special. Another special kid is Walt, who visited the Mental hospital looking for Hurley, who was there when Ji yeon was born. The mother of Ji yeon is Sun, who is co-operating with Widmore who is hated by Ben.


Speaking of Ben..

“I hope you’re happy Jacob”. The island or Jacob, although I believe they are the same, reminds me of those Ancient Greek Gods who used mortals as pawns for their game. It becomes more apparent as the show goes on. I think this show will end up like the Matrix trilogy where even though the journey is about Neo but the overall big picture is about the Architect vs Oracle. Now replace Neo with the survivors and the ‘Architect vs Oracle’ with ‘the island vs whatever it is conflicting with’

Holy f*** moments

  • Sayid and Keamy fight
  • Sawyer jumps out of the helicopter
  • Freighter explosion and Sun’s reaction
  • Island moves
  • Desmond and Penny reunion
  • Locke in the coffin

But I think the Freighter explosion is the most WTF moment for me (any explosion is a WTF moment for me anyway). So here’s a chance to the scene again (if actress Yunjin Kim doesn’t get an Emmy for this..then I don’t know)


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