I support the Arts :-)

Several things that led me into writing this post:

  • I watched a recent episode of LOST and it showed, through flashbacks, how one character, John Locke, struggled with an identity crisis when he was young. He wanted to be a hunter and loves sports, cars and boxing. But what he didn’t realize was that he was trying to be someone he’s not. The idea of “who you are” vs “who you want to be” intrigued me.
  • I listened to a news over my local radio about a musical performance by school band held recently in one of the local college. Kinda cool to see how nowadays students in my country are getting more opportunity with doing music in schools.
  • A conversation I had with an old friend about school. Actually, it was more like listening (reading actually, it’s a chat through MSN) to him releasing feelings he hid had during high school. It was all ‘this sucked and that sucked, that girl was hot and that guy was an asshole, that subjects sucked but that one was good, etc 

All that led me here; writing about Arts education (music, arts, drama, etc). My stance? I strongly support the Arts being part of the education. First of all, I want to make it clear that I’m not what people consider the Artsy guy. If you were to place me in one of those cliche student type, it would be the more academic inclined group (or a nerd lol).

So if you’re more of an academic person then why the hell would you give a damn about Arts programs in school.

The obvious reason is that I pity those who have talents in the Arts but feel wasted when they are forced to face academic subjects. I have a lot of friends who just give up with studying and take pride when they fail a test. One of my academic leaning friend called them ‘gila’ or ‘palui’ (crazy or stupid respectively) but I see them as simply expressing their frustration (or maybe I’m wrong and they really are bunch of dumbasses). But that very same group of people are musically talented and funny as hell (they could be great actors). Another friend of mine told me once how his mom wanted him to go to the local university but he didn’t want to. His reason? “Blajar lagi tu!!” (I’ll have to study again!!). What he really wants to do is take a course in cooking and become a chef (he’s actually good at cooking). So I think a greater emphasis on the Arts education could help these students. Although I don’t expect to see subjects like music be compulsory in local schools in the next few years, I like how schools are opening up to it with students having more opportunity in showcasing their musical talents.

So is that your only reason Trylobyte? Don’t tell me you support Arts because you feel sorry for the other people who didn’t get good grades as you?

Ok, that is not my only reason. My other reason, more of a personal reason, is that I have a soft spot for the Arts. Like I already mentioned, I would be categorised in the the more academic inclined group aka nerd. But i don’t believe in those lame labelling type. I believe we all have that nerdy, artsy and more ‘physical active’ side within ourself but it’s just that some sides are more dominant than the other. This brings back to that scene from the latest episode of LOST that I mentioned in the beginning where Locke refused to believe that he has that nerdy ‘science camp’ side to him.

I have a soft spot for the Arts because I sorta admit that, not trying to brag myself, I do have some talents or interest in  the Arts rather than the usual academic stuff. I don’t know how to read musical notes but I like of musical scores (especially movie soundtrack scores). I’m not a great artist but I do enjoy drawing comics (i used to do that a lot in school. I remember planning to scan and upload those comics here but some of them are offensive so nevermind hehe). I’m not an actor yet I don’t realize that I do ‘acting’ when I make jokes to people.

Let’s start with visual art. I like drawing when I was a kid because it had something to do with the way you can create your own world. If you want a whale with dragon wings then you get a whale with dragon wings!! 🙂 I remember decorating the walls at my bedroom by pasting the drawings I made. I won a bronze medal for an artwork back in kindergarten in Japan (although I can’t remember exactly what I drew lol). I remember finding my Elementary school art class to be fun. That’s right, just because I like studying doesn’t mean that I find academic classes to be fun! Haha! Music classes that I took at some schools I’ve been to were fun as well. Although I didn’t really prioritize music class over geography or science but I never detest it. I remember knowing how to play recorder and showed off to my friends by playing the Star Wars theme song on the keyboard hehe. Sadly, I forgot how to play those instruments 🙄

Then there was the Drama class. I remember when I first arrived at that international school in Singapore, I was terrified with sight of ‘Drama’ as a compulsory subject. WTF! I’m cool with music and art but Drama?! That’s gay. Yeah, that’s what I thought, “that’s gay!”. But it turned out to be probably the most fun class I ever had. Middle school drama class was what I called ‘the only time in school where you can get silly’ . It’s escapism at its best as you get to act in different characters. I’ve played roles ranging from Batman to an evil drug dealer 😛 I didn’t continue taking Drama at High School because by that level it gets more serious and stuff. I never intended to pursue an acting career or anything LOL. My english teacher asked me once after my friend and I acted as Arthur and Zaphod respectively from Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy, “Have you ever consider a career on television” I answered ‘no’ ofcourse 😆

So you want more schools to adapt or at least opening up to Arts education because you had fun with it. Not everyone will have as much fun as you with these types of classes. Some students are just academic type and nothing more. I guess you’re just bragging yourself.

Some students are seen to be just academic types and nothing more because they were never given a chance to do something else. They may not try to pursue a career in the Arts but I think it’s good if they could try to tap another side of themselves. That’s like saying Physical education shouldn’t be taught because some people are just ‘not the PE type’. Again, referring back to that episode of Lost, the idea of ‘who you are’ and ‘who you want to be’

You know, if you didn’t go to schools that provide Arts classes, you wouldn’t be saying these stuff on your blog

Yeah, I know hehe. But the fact is that I’ve experienced it and enjoyed it. I assume that others would enjoy it too and probably discover that they have some hidden talents or interest in it. Hell, they could find it a life changing experience, who knows!!

But public schools are already crowded with subjects

Then incorporate elements of Arts into available subject if it’s possible. I mean, I had dancing as part of module in my elementary school PE class. How’s that! :mrgreen: Geography and art? of course! Where did you think I got my excellent colour shading skills hehe (inside joke, sorry). Some can be easy like drama and English class while some can be difficult like incorporating History and Music Imagine learning about Napoleon’s retreat from Russia while the 1812 Overture playing full blast volume.  Maths and music?? Maths and Art could work I think.


But what?! ok enough questions. Just go home.

I can’t

Why not?

I’m your subconscious. You’re not really talking to anybody.

Oh…I need friends don’t I

No shit!


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