Time Travelling Stuff

After watching three Terminator movies back to back, I had a long thought about the overall plot involving all the time travelling stuff. Ok, let me try to get the big picture (with some help from Wikipedia for dates & stuff)…ok…I just need to type this all up…get it off my head…

Soooo…The Machines (Skynet) starts a nuclear war and takes over the world in 1997. This event is called Judgement Day. Few humans survive and form a resistance group led by John Connor.  John Connor rescues Kyle Reese from prison and gives him the picture of his mother, Sarah Connor. Kyle Reese is fascinated with the picture of Sarah and falls in love with her (just based on that picture!!). In 2029, SkyNet sends a Terminator (let’s call him “Arnold 1st”) back to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor. Kyle Reese volunteers to go back to 1984 to protect Sarah. Kyle & Sarah have sex and as a result she gives birth to JOHN CONNOR!! 😯 Kyle dies and “Arnold 1st” dies too.

Oh wait…actually SkyNet of 2029 sends another Terminator back in time but this one can shape shift (T-1000) but John Connor of 2029 sends a re-programmed T-101(“Arnold 2nd” and he’s a good guy) to follow it. Both terminators end up in 1994, one to kill and the other to protect a 10 year old John Connor. Sarah, 10 year old John and “Arnold 2nd” then blow up Cyberdyne, the group responsible for creating SkyNet which is made possible because they reverse engineered the ARM OF “ARNOLD 1st” !!!! 😯 “Arnold 2nd” sacrifice himself to prevent reverse engineering and stops Judgement Day.

BUT!!! Judgement Day did not get stopped, only postponed back to 2004 thus the war between Humans and SkyNet continues. In 2032, John Connor gets killed by “Arnold 3rd” but it was later re-programmed as a good guy by Katherine, John’s Wife. 😐 SkyNet sends a hot Terminatrix to kill John’s Lieutenants while Katherine sends “Arnold 3rd” to protect them. They both end up in 2004. Young John Connor and Katherine of 2004 finds out that they cannot stop Judgement Day.


I think I got the whole Terminator plot right hehe 😛

What’s interesting is that each of the three movies had different ideas about time travelling. The first movie was more into predestination thing. Everything was meant to happen that way, it’s destiny. If Kyle Reese didn’t go back to the past, John Connor wouldn’t exist but since he does exist, so Kyle was destined to go back in the past therefore he did not have a choice or free will…and the Machines/SkyNet, if they did not send back “Arnold 1” then they would not exist because SkyNet was built from the reverse Engineering of “Arnold 1”.

The second movie was more about possibility of changing timelines. This is about how we can go back in time and change the future by changing the past. Sarah and Co blew up Cyberdyne therefore preventing Judgement Day. In the alternate ending, you have an old Sarah Connor in the park talking about how the future changed and its a better world. Like the TV show Heroes where the future badass Hiro came back in time to tell Peter to “Save the Cheerleader and Save the World”. Peter did save the cheerleader thus the world is safe (as in Sylar not being the president of USA). So what happens to the badass future Hiro who sent the message in the first place??? Probably in an alternate timeline. Same applies to the case of Trunks in Dragon Ball Z series.

The third movie is a mix of both; you cannot entirely change the past but only modify it. John can only postpone Judgement Day but cannot stop it completely. It’s what the TV show LOST calls Course Correction. No matter what Desmond do in the past, the universe will modify itself to follow the divine/universal plan eg. Charlie’s death.


So what about upcoming Terminator movie? That one has Christian Bale supposedly playing a 30ish year old John Connor and Kyle Reese is a teenager. So that would mean the year would be 2010-2020, before Kyle gets send back to 1984, “Arnold 2nd” to 1994 and “Arnold 3rd” to 2004. In other words, the new movie will be a sequel and a prequel!!! Oh and don’t get me started with the Terminator TV show with Sarah Connor. That one has Sarah and John jumping from 1999 to 2007!!!


Now let me try figuring out the plot of Back to the Future trilogy…Hahaha, my head will definately explode again LOL

PS: Something that I just thought of. I understand that Sarah wants to destroy Cyberdyne to prevent Judgement Day but wouldn’t that kill John too? Coz No Judgement Day = No War = No Kyle Reese going back in time to f*** Sarah = No John Connor. Unless someone else fathers John Connor….I think my head will explode again!

Post PS: Is it “Judgement Day” or “Judgment Day”?!


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