HOLY F*** BATMAN! Dark Knight New Posters!

Just as I was hyped up about Iron Man, these posters got released in the internet which reminded me that there is only one superhero that will dominate this summer, THE BATMAN!!

There are more posters in Omelete

(Click posters to enlarge)

Courtesy of Omelete

And I heard there is a new trailer coming up after their viral campaign is over. Will update this later when it shows up (I hope it does)


One thought on “HOLY F*** BATMAN! Dark Knight New Posters!

  1. Please Excuse me, my name is, Grimes, and I Love comics and I love movies. Knowing I have no chance of making a 200 million dollar movie, I decided to learn a little animation so I can work on my dream project.

    I am really proud of my newest project “Dark Knight: The Last Laugh” staring Al Pacino as the Dark Knight and Robert DeNiro as Joker. There is also a watchman video as well. Please check them out on YOUTUBE and please, please comment or link…my name there is WESTSIDEMEDIA. I really appreciate the support from the community. Here is the direct link to the film http://youtube.com/watch?v=tJNbmEVhsRM

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