Case of Blogging

Few days ago, my former teacher sent me this link. It was a blog created by a student in my former school dedicated to juicy gossip on teachers and students. ROFL!! I couldn’t resist clicking the link. Sure, I wouldn’t even know the names that will probably get mentioned (you think I know all my juniors?). But what the hell, I was curious so decided to check it out. ROFLMAO!!! I was too late because apparently she deleted her posts and replaced it with an apology:

i apologise if my blog was hurting you guys. i dont have any intention to do any harm, im sorry. i was just bloging, i wrote what i saw and heard, what i observed. well, thats blogging.

LOL I like how she said it. Basically, it’s another way of saying, “hey, it wasn’t my fault. It’s called blogging” 🙄

Then my former teacher starts talking about how blog can be harmful to you. He pointed out that blog that caused alot of ‘Hu Har!’ few months ago when the author posted how she would rather die than going to the local university. Yeah I remember that blog, a lot of students from that university got really pissed off and I don’t blame them. Those students in the local university worked so hard only to read what this blogger has to say who, not only bad mouthed their university but the blogger herself hasn’t even gone to a university yet!!

I’ve talked about the sensitivity of blogging to my friends before (right around the time when some Singaporeans got sent to prison for racial post on their blog and all that anti-government blogs that caused a stir on Malaysian politics). Actually, I used to talk about it a lot till the point that one of my friend actually remembers it. She messaged me through MSN recently and said, “you’re blogging now?!! I thought you’re an anti-blogger?!!” :LOL: I guess she misunderstood all of my ‘blog can sometimes be dangerous‘ talk. I used to be a blog lurker and I still do. I love reading other blogs more than I write in my own Hehe. Occasionally, I browse through random blogs and read stuff ranging from a girl thinking about the nature of God to a guy who saved a kitten from being tortured by stupid young kids.

Here’s my stance on Blogging. Blogging, just like any other piece of writing you do or anything you say, comes from you. Therefore, it’s your opinion and it’s your responsibility. So don’t go “hey, it’s blogging. Not my fault“. Do I think about what I’m about to write? Yes. There are cases where I edit sentences on my post due to fear of misinterpretation. I remember saying to myself when I start this blog back in November last year, ‘No politics. No religion.’ Sadly, I couldn’t resist sometimes LOL. So if I’ve unintentionally offended anybody then I apologise. 🙂


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