Channing Tatum as Duke


Rachel Nichols as Scarlett


Karolina Kurkova as Cover Girl


Ray Park as Snake Eyes


Lee Byun Hung as Storm Shadow & Sienna Miller as The Baroness


Dennis Quaid as General Hawk & Marlon Wayans as Ripcord


Release Date: 7th August 2009


7 thoughts on “GI JOE

  1. Oh dear god… I hope the makers of this movie have lots of money saved up because they are going to lose out BIG TIME!! Dennis Quaid? A Wayans brother? Come on guys, get it together!

  2. Dennis quiad Was good back in the day. Now he’s kind of gone the way of Shatner…looks like Harrison Ford, too. And seriously, those aren’t the clothes they’ll be wearing, right? God, I hope not. This is gonna bunk, big time. They can’t even match characters right, geez.

  3. Alright all you no talent losers who think they can do a better job…..wait, you cant, or else you would have done it by now. And since when did what the people are wearing matter in an action flick. You are really gonna pick on that? Wow get a life

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