Forbidden Kingdom

Just saw Forbidden Kingdom starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li. What’s good? The fight scenes and hot Asian babes. What’s bad?  Chinese English. Speak Chinese with english subtitles dammit!! Just speak English only when you talk to the American Kid. Oh another warning, there’s also too much of those ‘old wise Chinese proverb type of talking’. Something along the line of ‘the bridge between Heaven and Earth of the river with flower to the Sun within the Gate of No Gate’ . OK, it’s not exactly like that but you get my point. 🙂

In short, I see the movie as nothing but a tribute to the martial arts genre. Therefore, you get to see stuff like badass monks, a young loser who later turn into a great fighter after training under a martial arts master, sword fights, people defying the laws of gravity, extensive fight sequence (the main highlight is the Jackie vs Jet Li fight), a woman with white hair (like the ‘Bride With White Hair’ referenced in the movie), stuff about heaven and earth realms and lastly Jackie Chan fighting drunk just like the Drunken Master.

Speaking of Drunken Master, I went to Youtube to rewatch those Jackie Chan fight scenes from his past movies that I remember watching when I was a kid.

Here’s Jackie Chan kicking ass from Drunken Master II. No CGI, No Wires, No Chris Tucker LOL Enjoy!


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