New Dragon Ball set pics got exclusive photos from the set of the upcoming live action adaptation of Dragon Ball.

That’s how Goku will look like in the film; spiky hair and wearing that iconic orange outfit. BTW, that’s not Justin Chatwin, the actor portraying Goku. The guy in the picture is probably a stunt man.


It’s Bulma!! HAHAHA Wow! I think they got that “badass adventurous chick” attitude from the anime right. But the hair…umm…I don’t like it. And I see bits of blue colour in her hair too.

Mai played by Eriko Tamura. She’s one of the villain who works for Piccolo (in the anime, she was one of the Red Ribbon army).

More set pics HERE

Other cast members include James Marsters as Piccolo, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi and Chow Yun Fat as Roshi. Cast list can be found HERE.

Dragon Ball movie is scheduled to be released in April 3rd 2009, still long way to go.


4 thoughts on “New Dragon Ball set pics

  1. Originally, I was a little tweaked they were using a caucasian actor for Goku…then I realized, his grandfather found him in the mountains, and he is an alien! He could be played by anyone.

    Mai needs longer hair, though.

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