The Constructicons in Transformers 2? supposedly got a hold of the casting breakdown for the upcoming sequel of Transformers the movie. Yes, they’re making a sequel, only an idiot would think they won’t make a second movie considering how much money and new fans they gained with the first one (in my place, almost every car has an autobot or a decepticon logo till it isn’t cool anymore to have one in your own car).

You can read the spoiler piece here (With the new WordPress layout, I cannot link the text to a URL for some reason, so I’ll just copy the URL below):

 Somehow I can’t open the page right now, it opened perfectly this morning though.

Anyway, the BIG news is the appearance of the Constructicons in the next movie. For those of you who don’t know them (including most of the people in my place with Transformers stickers attached to their cars), the Constructicons are basically this group of Decepticons that transforms into various vehicles that you can find in a contruction site like Bulldozer or truck that scoops stuff. The cool thing is that they can combine into this giant robot called Devastator.

Shit! Can’t wait to see how they’re going to recreate Devastator! Let’s hope this is a real deal. Now I want the Dinobots in there too. 🙂

PS: I’m still not used to the new WordPress dashboard layout. And I can’t link a text to a URL hence the awkward way I link to the article.


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