The Joker is at it again

**Warning: Spoilers for the Dark Knight**

Joker the nurse

Joker the nurse 2

I guess this relates to the explosion at the hospital that we saw from the trailer.

Joker the cop

The Joker disguises as one of the cops and disrupts the funeral of someone important (most say it’s Commissioner Loeb). You can also see people running around the streets from the trailer.


10 thoughts on “The Joker is at it again


    The photo of him dressed as an officer has little to do with a funeral (from what I remember, had to pee through most of it). The commissioner is not the commissioner as of yet at this part in the film. He dies in this scene protecting the mayor and then comes back later on, then receiving his title as commissioner.

  2. well looks like you were wrong again. the photo of the joker in the uniform is because they were doing a parade with all of Gotham’s police officers in honor of those who died. The mayor was joker’s next target and to get close he disguised himself and while firing the last shots at the ceremony he points his gun at the mayor and is saved by officer loeb who fakes his death for a later scene in the movie.

  3. @ reesahh

    You’re confused about Commissioner Loeb & Commissioner Gordon.

    – Commissioner Loeb is the bald black guy who died coz the joker poisoned his drink. Gotham assembled a large funeral ceremony for him. The Joker came there and disguised as one of the rifleman to kill the Mayor while he was making a speech.

    – Lt Gordon (later promoted to Commissioner) saved the Mayor and faked his death. He was played by Gary Oldman, the moustache guy with glasses, the one with the family, etc.

    This is Loeb –

    This is Gordon –


  4. this movie was amazing. Heath Ledger made for an amazing Joker. and i was extremly glad i saw it. I wanna go see the movie again just for Heath playing the joker.

  5. It was a funeral for the commissioner and also a parade. If you paid attention to the background, you’ll see a casket during part of the parade. Not to mention the gun fire in the movie right before they try to assassinate the mayor is the typical shots they do during funerals. It was a funeral.
    Heath did an excellent performance and I hope he gets nominated for awards, he deserves it.

  6. man, I loved Heath in this movie, it was absolutly spectacular!
    one of my fav parts was the Hospital part…hahaha

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