War is in His Blood

Don’t let the lack of daily update on this blog fool you. Actually, I write almost everyday it’s just that I keep changing my mind on what I should post. Thus I have a lot of drafts currently waiting to be published and some are still stored in my head.

Now some of those drafts or post ideas relate to ‘Rambo’. So I decided to create a separate site where I put those Rambo related writings. Here’s my Rambo site:


It’s still under construction with only one complete article.


In another news, I would like to say that the previous post on Shia LaBeouf as Luke Skywalker was actually an April Fool’s joke. The clue is in the name of the supposedly Swedish Newspaper, Yad Sloof Lirpa. Yeah I know, it’s a cheap joke but hey, at least one guy got fooled.


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