Remember that American Idol contestant?

 American Idol

OK, so far I’m bored with the American Idol contestants of this season (except for David Archuleta because he has a good voice but annoys me & David Cook coz he always brings something different each week with his arrangements & stuff). I said to myself that few years later, I would probably only remember these two contestants of Season 7.

That’s when I got an idea! I want to test myself on how much I remember about the contestants of the previous seasons. For each season, I’m going to list as many contestant that I remember in a minute.

Note: I never seen the first season so it’s excluded from the list

Season 2

  • Ruben Studdard
  • Clay Aiken
  • Kimberley Locke
  • Kimberley Caldwell
  • The soldier guy/marine
  • Carmen Rasmusen

Season 3

  • Fantasia
  • Diana Degarmo
  • Jasmine trias
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Latoya London
  • John Stevens
  • George Huff
  • Matt Rogers??
  • Camilla Velascez

Season 4

  • Carrie Underwood
  • Bo Bice
  • Constantine
  • Matt Rogers??
  • The chicken little guy???

Season 5

  • Taylor Hicks
  • Elliot Yamin
  • Chris Daughtry
  • Ace Young
  • katherine mcPhee
  • Bucky
  • Matt Rogers??? LOL
  • Kelly pickler

Season 6

  • Jordin sparks
  • Blake Lewis
  • Melinda doolittle
  • Haley Scornato the leg girl
  • Sanjaya
  • Chris Sligh
  • Phil Stacey
  • lakisha

So how did I do?

Season 2
– The military guy’s name is Joshua Gracin.
– How the hell could I forget Corey Clark?! The guy who claimed that he slept with Paula

Season 3
– Not ‘Camilla Velascez’ but Camile Velasco
– Jon Peter Lewis!! Again, how could I forget him!!! I mean, JPL singing Elvis!!! 
– Matt Rogers is in this season LOL I was like ‘hmm..that guy from the Really Big Things…which season was he in again? I knew it has to be between Season 2 and Season 6.

Season 4
– Anwar!! Again I forgot! I remember supporting him early on but then he sucks at low notes but good at high notes.
– Scott Savol that’s the big guy with glasses..i remember a lot of people were pissed off when good singers got voted off before him.

Season 5
– Kevin Covais aka Chicken little guy was in this season not season 4

Season 6
– I forgot Chris Richardson!! The nasally Justin timberlake guy!

So in the next two or three years, let’s do this memory test on season 7 and see how many contestants we can remember.


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