Shia LaBeouf as Luke Skywalker for the STAR WARS Remake!!

Holy F***!! George Lucas is planning to remake Episode IV, V & VI to make them look like the prequels. Yup that’s right, a CGI  galore of the original trilogy!! WTF Lucas!! And wait till you hear the cast:

Shia LaBeouf as Luke Skywalker!!

Shia LaBeouf Luke Skywalker

Colin Farrell as Han Solo & Keira Knightley as Princess Leia. WTF!!

The remake of ‘Episode IV: A New Hope’ is scheduled to be released around 2010 with the remake of ‘Empire Strikes Back’ & ‘Return of the Jedi’ in 2013 & 2016 according to Swedish newspaper, Yad Sloof Lirpa.


5 thoughts on “Shia LaBeouf as Luke Skywalker for the STAR WARS Remake!!

  1. LOL hehehe….It was an april fool’s joke. I combined two things:

    1) The fact that Hollywood is making horrible remakes
    2) The fact that Shia LaBeouf is like in every movie now

    So what could be the worst possible scenario? Star Wars remake with Shia LaBeouf!!! 😛

  2. hahaha good one! yea, one thing i don’t like about remake is, well, they’re remake! they should leave the old version alone and make their own damn movie!

    i think shia’s quite talented, and the fact he’s in every movie is good, i mean he’s just starting to get his name in the film business right? it’s high times for him!

    colin farrell as han solo?! don’t go there man, i hate him!

  3. oh man… I hate shia labeouf… I was so hyped for indiana jones 4 before I found out he was playing indy’s son… lol people got mad about the star wars prequels, imagine how mad they’d get about this… in-sane

  4. lol yea okay,dude,that would fuck up everything if shia was luke in the remake,there is actually going to be a remake of Ep 4 but shia is definatley not going to be the new luke,he was already mutt in Indy 4,and that fag sam whitwicky in transformers hell no hes not the new luke,plus he looks NOTHING like mark hamill

    okay i think it would be SORTA cool if shia was the new luke,but still it just sounds so freakin fucked up
    why the fuck am i even wrighting this comment! this shit is over 2 years old for christs sake

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