Rasa Sayange…

I’m back with another post about my country, Brunei Darussalam. The first post was more of a mythbusting piece, today I will talk about…I don’t know what I’m going to talk about. Just like the previous post on my country, I’m just gonna write whatever that comes to my mind relating to my country.

Let’s see…..Brunei is a Malay country and my Malay is not that good. Which is difficult because it is compulsory to pass an O level in Malay in order get a government job here. Oh and the Malay syllabus must be from the Bruneian one (BGCE). Hence the reason why I had to take Malay O-level last year. I got a B so that’s good for someone who took a tuition class (a crash course) in Malay for 6 months. Hehe

But make no mistake, it’s not that I don’t talk and understand Malay. I talk Malay at home but more of a colloquial Bruneian Malay rather than a standard Malay. It is naive to just simply assume that the Malay in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia are all the same. Although we do understand each other, the dialect (or do you call it the accent? I don’t know) are different. Here are examples of videos that showcase the difference in how we sound like:

‘Masuk dulu! Bukan Cali ni! Bukan Cali ni!’Btw, this is not my video 

‘Mama, anak dinosaur!’

“Sama-Sama Bayar..Biar sama-sama cium kentut!”

Yeah I know, those videos may not the best ones to represent each dialect 😆 But you get the point, they sound different. And we have different culture too. However, there are few times where we do clash in a cultural dispute. Take the recent ‘Rasa Sayang’ song thing. Indonesians were furious when the Malaysian used that song for their tourism commercial. Most say it originated from Ambon (a province of Indonesia).

This is also funny because one of my friend told me about her trip in Taiwan (I think) as part of a cultural exchange event. Each participating country were asked to perform and guess what?! The Bruneian and the Indonesian group performed the same Rasa Sayang song LOL But whatever the origin of that song is, the fact is that now it’s sung by almost every Malay people in Southeast Asia. We should be united with that song while still acknowledging that it came from Ambon. Isn’t that easy?

Here’s the Malaysian tourism commercial with the ‘Rasa Sayang’ song 


Here’s the ‘Indonesian counterattack’ commercial. Notice the Rasa Sayang in the beginning and then they start talking about Indonesian culture (the hot chick in the video is Indonesian superstar, Agnes Monica). At the end, the guy says “Jangan biarkan identitas kita di rampas” which means “don’t let our identity be stolen”. Wow, you can’t get more obvious than that!


 Ok WTF! I’ve gone off topic now. Isn’t this post suppose to be about my country?! 🙄

I guess the second part of my ‘Brunei post’ will come later when I have a good idea to write about. 🙂


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