Battle of the Bods

Battle of the Bods

Here’s a new reality TV show that I just found out about. It’s called Battle of the Bods and here’s how IGN describes it:

On Battle of the Bods, five female contestants rate themselves from 1-5 in order of attractiveness, based on different criteria, including their faces, butts, chest, legs and a full rank, in comparison to the other women. Meanwhile three men, hidden behind a one way mirror, also rate the girls. The girls win money based on how much their rankings match up with the men. And at the end of the show, the tables are turned, as the women get a chance to rate the men as they pose and try to guess how the women will rate them.

Haha! You could say that it’s an interesting study on how men and women view themselves and each other. But on the other hand, it is kind of a ridiculous concept for a show. I’m bored of reality show, I used to love it when it was new with the first few seasons of Survivor and Amazing Race. I even watch the first season of the Bachelor and even Paradise Hotel!!! Then came shows like Lost and Arrested Developmentwhich brought back serialized Drama and Comedy respectively. I guess with the Writer’s Strike still going on with no hint of a resolution in sight, reality show genre is going to have a field day. So yeah, I don’t watch reality TV shows anymore (except for American Idol which always drags you in front of the TV). 

PS: I just found out that Paradise Hotel 2will premiere on February 8 this year :LOL:


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