Tekken and Soul Calibur have sort of taken that reign of masters of fighting game genre. But Street Fighter is planning to make a major comeback BooYAH!! Street Fighter II (1991) was considered as the definitive fighting arcade game. Man, I remember the time of being part of a large crowd gathering around some nerd who’s smashing buttons and wiggling the joystick trying to defeat the last boss. Those were the great arcade days.

Street Fighter 4

Since then the series have gone through several prequels (Alpha/Zero series), spin-offs (EX series) and a not so memorable sequel, Street Fighter III. Kudos to someone in Capcom for being “Aw F*** this! Let’s make a new Street Fighter and try to live up to SF II”. Here’s the early gameplay footage from the upcoming game. Note that it is still work in progress.

Characters that have been confirmed to appear so far are: Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Dhalsim, Akuma and a new female character named Crimson Viper. The producers are trying to get all the characters from SFII which is easily the most recognizable lineup. So expect old favourites like Van Damme…err..I mean Guile, Sagat and Blankaamong others. BTW, this game is set between SFII and SFIII so it’s probably an epilogue and prologue to the characters that appeared in those two games respectively.

In another Street Fighter related news…

It has been announced that a new live action Street Fighter movie is in the making titled, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li *shudders*. WTF First they made a movie with Guile as the main character (played by Van Damme) now it’s focusing Chun Li?! WHY NOT RYU AND KEN?!! Anyway, so who’s playing Chun Li? Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk.

Lana Lang Chun Li

At least she’s hot. I don’t mind if she re-enact this cool fight scene from the animated Street Fighter movie linked below.

*Cough* Click Here to see Chun Li vs Vega *Cough* 



3 thoughts on “HADOUKEN! SHORYUKEN! Street Fighter IV

  1. ??????????????????????????????? What in the world????

    I LOVE CHUN LI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well shes not even look asian. And WTF? Guile ITS SUPPOSE TO BE RYU & KEN MAIN CHARECTERS Well Yeah Chun li too 😡 this is gonna be a worst then DOA Movie..

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