The Host 2…Korean monster is back

The sequel (actually it’s a prequel) to the critically acclaimed and blockbuster hit Korean monster movie, The Host is in works. According to Scifi Japan, the story is set in 2003 during the restoration of Cheonggyecheon/Cheonggye Stream, ‘a creek running through the downtown of Seoul that leads to the Han River.’

The movie is said to fill in the gap between the prologue and the events of the first movie. The prologue is the memorable scene in the beginning with the jackass American ordering the clueless Korean to dump all those toxic chemicals into the river Heheh…easily the best opening of a monster movie. Simple and effective.

The Host

You can read our review at my brother’s dormant blog.

Now the first movie was more of a socio-political commentary that touches on things like US government’s involvement (Agent Yellow and Agent Orange anyone?) and the memories of the those frequent Korean youth protesters (embodied by the main character’s unemployed college graduate brother). Now the sequel/prequel is doing the same thing again but this time the target is far closer to home. The setting of the movie revolves around the restoration of the Cheonggye Stream in 2003 which really took place. It was initiated by the mayor who’s now the president, Lee Myung-bak. But the restoration have met criticism as well. As stated in SciFiJapan:

Many merchants, including street vendors who had long-established business near Cheonggyecheon had to be relocated and there were several complications related to compensation for them. And the current stream of Cheonggyecheon is not from the upper stream, but water supply facilities. These are the reasons why many, including environmentalists and scholars, accuse the restoration of being nothing but a waste of taxes and a demonstration of Lee Myung-bak’s hubrice.

This is sure going to be a controversial movie now that the guy responsible for the restoration is the new President of South Korea.

I want to go here

I love the first movie. It’s a beautiful movie so I’m not sure if the sequel can top the first one. The only way this one can be good is that they don’t try so hard to imitate the first one. Take what’s good about the first movie and expand it. From what I read, I think that’s what they’re trying to do. Here’s what the scriptwriter, comic artist Kang Full said about the new movie.

 “I wanted to maintain the grace of the original film and to overcome the difficulties and limitations a sequel could have. And I wish to show more action with multiple monsters.”

Multiple monsters? More Action? Sounds like their taking the ‘James Cameron route‘. Ridley Scott’s Alien was a classic atmospheric horror film while Cameron made a heart pumping action movie with the sequel, Aliens. So yeah, I have high hopes for this sequel or prequel or whatever it is.

Speaking of Aliens, note the early conceptual art of Host 2 reminds me of the Ripley powerloader vs Alien Queen.

Host 2 concept art Get away from her you BITCH

The Host 2 begins shooting this summer and is expected to be released in 2009. In the meantime, catch another monster movie from JJ Abrams called Cloverfield. 

Pics and quotes courtesy of SciFi Japan


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